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Tuomas Mattila tviittaa pestisideistä
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13 days ago by pelttari
WorkSafe investigates after chemical poisoning puts Christchurch pest control worker in hospital
A closed Christchurch worksite is being entered by chemical specialists after a worker was poisoned and hospitalised about two weeks ago.

An industrial storage unit that contained pest control agents is at the heart of the work now being undertaken by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR).

ESR has been asked by WorkSafe New Zealand to determine the concentrations of chemicals on site.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is assisting near the corner of Wickham St and Francella St.
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14 days ago by dchas
Divers located toxic barrels in Wallowa Lake
JOSEPH — It wasn't just an ordinary dive for Lisa Anderson and William Lambert, who always go looking for items in the bottom of Wallowa Lake. This one just happened to be a little different.

Anderson and Lambert, members of Blue Mountain Divers, a nonprofit scuba diving organization that seeks to find, recover, and preserve historic and archeological objects that are now at the bottoms of lakes and rivers, were scuba diving in the south end of Wallowa Lake near the marina in August 2018 where the water deepens abruptly. Working at depths of 50 to 120 feet, where the water deepens abruptly just north of the marina, they found a metal milk jug, and a couple of other odds and ends.

Then the duo saw the barrels.

They bore labels that said "2, 4-D or 2, 4, 5-T WEED KILLER."

“There were about 25, 55-gallon drums, and a dozen bigger 100-gallon barrels,” said Blue Mountain Divers member Lisa Anderson. “It looked as though they had been there for a while — 10, 20 years or more. The smaller drums were corroded, and whatever was in them had probably already leaked out. But the big ones were sturdier. They seemed to be intact.”
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21 days ago by dchas
Poisoned System: Pesticide approvals in the EU - Data Journalism Awards
For our analysis, we employed methods and algorithms from the area of natural language processing (NLP) to make sense of the unstructured documents and to find cases of plagiarism.
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6 weeks ago by fcoel
Bayer shareholders reproach management over Roundup woes
A majority of Bayer shareholders do not like the way the company has been run over the past year. In a vote at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting late last week, 55% refused to back management, largely because of Bayer’s problematic decision to buy Monsanto.

The acquisition came with a torrent of lawsuits over the role played by Monsanto’s Roundup brand glyphosate herbicide in incidents of nonHodgkin’s lymphoma and other illnesses among agriculture workers.

Indeed, only two months after the $63 billion acquisition closed in June, a US jury found Bayer responsible for a groundskeeper’s cancer. A second case also went against Bayer; the company is appealing both verdicts. And that’s just the beginning: roughly 13,400 plaintiffs are waiting in the wings.

Disgruntled shareholders feel Bayer did not properly price the financial and reputational risks of the coming litigation. Shareholder countermotions, filed ahead of the meeting, call the Monsanto acquisition “catastrophic,” a “disaster,” and “ill-fated.”
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Chemical Plant Explosion in China Kills 4, Injures 35
An explosion and fire at a chemical plant in northern China Wednesday morning left four people dead and 35 others with injuries, Chinese state media reported. People living near the plant were ordered to evacuate. 

The explosion was reported in a workshop at the Dongxing Chemical Co. Ltd. in Ulanqab, a city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at about 2:55 a.m., according to coverage by Xinhua. Firefighters responded to the site and isolated the flames to a tank located near the blast site. 

Established in 1987, Dongxing Chemical produces a wide range of products, including inorganic pigments, powder polymers, and cellulose ethers, the company’s LinkedIn page said.

Officials told Xinhua that an investigation into the incident has started and that the city’s ecology and environment department is carrying out air and water quality monitoring. 

In March this year, an explosion at a pesticide plant killed 64 people and injured dozens. A few weeks later, another blast at a scrap metal processing plant resulted in 7 deaths. 
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Who is paying for Monsanto's crimes? We are | Carey Gillam | Opinion | The Guardian
For the second time in less than eight months a US jury has found that decades of scientific evidence demonstrates a clear cancer connection to Monsanto’s line of top-selling Roundup herbicides, which are used widely by consumers and farmers. Twice now jurors have additionally determined that the company’s own internal records show Monsanto has intentionally manipulated the public record to hide the cancer risks. Both juries found punitive damages were warranted because the company’s cover-up of cancer risks was so egregious.

The juries saw evidence that Monsanto has ghost-written scientific papers, tried to silence scientists, scuttled independent government testing and cozied up to regulators for favorable safety reviews of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.

Even the US district judge Vince Chhabria, who oversaw the San Francisco trial that concluded Wednesday with an $80.2m damage award, had harsh words for Monsanto. Chhabria said there were “large swaths of evidence” showing that the company’s herbicides could cause cancer. He also said there was “a great deal of evidence that Monsanto has not taken a responsible, objective approach to the safety of its product … and does not particularly care whether its product is in fact giving people cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns about the issue.”
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11 weeks ago by dwalbert
The places in America that use the most (and least) pesticides -
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12 weeks ago by rdr
Oregon Herbicide Ban Slowed By Chemical Company Appeal . News
A conifer tree-killing herbicide would have been banned from Oregon roadsides this month, but the rule has been delayed by a request from chemical giant, Bayer AG.

Perhaps best known for aspirin, Bayer also makes agricultural products like Perspective, an herbicide once commonly used to control weeds and reduce fire risk along highways. The active ingredient, ACP, is behind killing about 2,100 ponderosa pines in Deschutes National Forest near Sisters, Oregon.

Poisoned Pines In Central Oregon To Be Cut
The product label says not to apply it near “desirable” roots— a warning that came after a wave of tree deaths were linked to ACP in 2011. But as one product made by DuPont was pulled off the market, Bayer launched a different brand. 

That’s the stuff state contractors working for the Oregon Department of Transportation sprayed outside of Sisters until 2015. Last year, complaints about dead and dying trees led the Oregon Department of Agriculture to launch an investigation and order a temporary stop to ACP applications on road sides and rights of way.
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march 2019 by dchas
The places in America that use the most (and least) pesticides -
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march 2019 by rdr

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