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- Peru's former president Alan Garcia shoots himself when police tried to arrest him. ( coverage outside…
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8 days ago by rcsmedia
Virtual mailbox in Miami or Madrid, with delivery to Colombia or Peru
9-11 business days delivery

"FlyBox is a virtual locker, created to bring
all your online purchases to the door of your home or office in Colombia.

After registering for FREE , you will have a correspondence address in Miami and Madrid where you can send the purchases you make in your favorite online stores in the United States and Europe.

Shipments monitoring . You can know at any time where your packages are by clicking here .
Zero Procedures . You should not worry about any customs and / or import procedures, FlyBox does them for you.

Buy what you want . Your FlyBox locker can take whatever you want to your home: computers, bicycles, videogame consoles, clothes, musical instruments, televisions, appliances or whatever else you like."
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16 days ago by dandv
Contracorriente / Undertow (2009)
Jed's thoughts: A heartbreaking, beautiful movie about a fisherman and a ghost. I don't have words for how intensely this made me feel.
drama  tragedy  romance  unrated  m/m  latinx  peru  spanish  queer angst  infidelity  supernatural elements  childbirth  beach setting  queer character death  jed's favorites 
4 weeks ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
RT : HEARTWARMING Story❤️My kind of Man😍a who & a stray , named “Wendy” in 🤗He’s g…
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9 weeks ago by kcarruthers

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