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Data for Better Banking | MX
With 1,700+ signed clients, MX enables you to collect, enrich, present, and act on data — giving your users a 5-star digital experience.
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17 days ago by shalmaneser
My friend has an accountant who claims they can get a lot of money back, even amend old years. If my friend gets audited, they claim "they will handle it no problem". What's going on here? : personalfinance
Upvoted: United States: My friend says he went to this accountant and they amended past years and went from owing the IRS to them owing HIM. He lives a normal life style, doesn't have a mortgage, doesn't go to school, basically it should be a 1040ez. The accountant has to be lying about what they are reporting right? Would he ever get in trouble if he were caught or is the liability all with the accountant? via /r/personalfinance
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26 days ago by lepht
Home ownership is a lousy investment compared with stocks or bonds
Don't look at it as a retirement tool.

Having a family home and yard for the kids and dogs is great. Home-owning neighbors can be wonderful, too, creating community. But the real value isn’t the investment, it’s the roof over your head, the satisfaction it brings and the memories it creates. Home ownership doesn’t compare with real saving and real investment, where real retirement millions compound over your lifetime.
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4 weeks ago by christopherming
Awesome, , to see “different” in approach!

“She uses her expertise and fun personalit…
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8 weeks ago by dtomoff
In case you missed it, check out "Reverse Mortgage Costs And Fees"
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8 weeks ago by ReverseMortgagePros
It Can All Go To Zero - Feld Thoughts
Perspective can be a useful thing. Cryptocurrencies have had a bad 24 hours.

Last night Amy and I watched The Big Short for the second time. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a must watch movie. If you haven’t seen it in at least a year, watch it again. While the events are from 2005 – 2008, they feel like they happened yesterday. And, the cast, including Brad Pitt (my favorite character), Steve Carell (my second favorite), Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling play their parts spectacularly well.

There are hundreds of lessons in the movie. But, like most things human, we quickly forget them. Or we pretend like they couldn’t happen again. Or we justify what’s going on today as “but it’s different this time.”

In 2000 I was co-chairman of a public company called Interliant. The company had gone public in 1999 and the market cap rose to just under $3 billion ($55 / share, up from $10 / share at the IPO). By the end of 2000, the stock price was at $13. I was on a walk at my house in Eldorado Springs with one of the VPs who asked me how low the stock could go. I can’t remember the exact phrasing, but I remember it being something like “There’s no way the stock will go below $10 / share, right?”

My response was simple. “It could go to $0. I hope it doesn’t, but it could.”

In 2002 Interliant went bankrupt and the stock went to $0.

Now, I don’t have schadenfreude about cryptocurrencies going down. Like many, I’m fascinated by them and the potential implications of both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I hold plenty of cryptocurrencies – either directly or indirectly in funds I’m an investor in. So I benefit financially from them going up.
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9 weeks ago by christopherming
Home Trust Affiliate Program | Visa Card Referral Programs | Secured Credit Card
The Home Trust Visa referral program offers affiliates and brokers registered in the program referral fees for every approved Secured Visa card application. Offer your clients who have credit difficulties or no credit history a Home Trust Secured Visa Card and get paid for approved applications by becoming a referrer.
9 weeks ago by ajmc

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