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You're 30 Years Old. Here's How Much You Need to Save to Retire a Millionaire. - Entrepreneur
If you're earning $150,000 a year, goal would be to save $15,000 to $25,000 each and every year.
5 days ago by hungry
How to use Accounting by Wave—Wave University
In order for Wave to crunch your numbers, we need to get your income and expense transactions in the system.
Business  Advice  Start-ups  Self-Employment  SoleTrader  LimitedCompanies  Registration  Tax  VAT  PersonalFinance  Self-Assessment  Accounting  Banking  Waveapps 
23 days ago by dk33per
How to find an accountant for tax self-assessment - Saga
Tips and hints for finding an accountant to help you file your self-assessment tax return form.
Business  Advice  Start-ups  Self-Employment  SoleTrader  LimitedCompanies  Registration  HMRC  Tax  VAT  PersonalFinance  Self-Assessment  Accounting  Banking 
23 days ago by dk33per
A guide to completing a tax self-assessment form online - Saga
Your guide to self assessment online: explaining how registration for self assessment works and what you need to do your tax return online.
Business  Advice  Start-ups  Self-Employment  SoleTrader  LimitedCompanies  Registration  HMRC  Tax  VAT  PersonalFinance  Self-Assessment  Accounting  Banking 
23 days ago by dk33per
[UPDATE] I found out that a coworker in the same position, with the same education, experience, workload, etc. is making almost twice what I make : personalfinance
Upvoted: Original PostFor those of you who read my original post, I just wanted to update. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive, I really did not expect it!After making my post, I met with my boss in order to inform her that I needed a raise. She told me she would submit a pay raise request.1 week later she called me into her office. She absolutely berated me for thinking I could move into the coordinator position for which I was already doing the work, and complained about my work performance. Last month I had an evaluation, and received very high praise for my performance, and there has not ever been complaints about my performance in the past. All in all, I assume she was making excuses not to increase my pay.Fast forward a bit, and I received a text from the wife of one of my boyfriend's friends, offering me a job at a rehab facility. I interviewed for the job, and they offered me the position at $20 an hour ($6 more an hour than my current job).In the meantime, my boss called me into her office AGAIN, and informed me that I was VERY fortunate, as corporate had approved my pay increase. She stated that she "truly shot for the stars when submitting my new pay" and that corporate had "gone above and beyond" anything she ever thought I would receive: $17 an hour. Still $7 less than my coworker.I accepted the new job, and put in my two weeks notice. My boss was absolutely side swept. She could not believe that I was quitting. She waited a day, and called me into her office yet again, and asked me what they were offering me that was so great that I would choose to leave. I told her $20 an hour.She said, "If I can offer you that, will you stay?" Wow. And here I thought $17 was above and beyond what they could ever offer me.I told her I would think about it.In the meantime, I contacted my new employer and informed them that my current employer was offering to match their offer to keep me, and got an even bigger offer from them.I start next Monday!!Thank you r/personalfinance for all your support and advice! I can't wait to start my new job :) via /r/personalfinance
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28 days ago by lepht

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