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How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written
An interesting essay about how engineering blogs can be more productive and meaningful if there are fewer layers of permission: if there's many steps to the approval process and no support, nobody will write. If there's only a few checks and you get a buddy writer, a lot more people will be writing.
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14 days ago by rosszurowski
Great products don’t require permission by Calvin French-Owen
"For B2B companies, the most valuable products more or less offer a single value prop: you don’t need to ask permission to get your job done."

When products let people get their work done faster without waiting for permission, that's a powerful thing. That improves productivity drastically.
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14 days ago by rosszurowski
How to give permission to exernal hard drive
sudo chmod ugo+wx /media/username/your_drive
sudo chmod ugo+wx /media/studio/f0ee8322-0c31-48a7-a6b2-e5ab553e02cb

Provato il 13 febbraio 2020. Funziona
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6 weeks ago by gilles9999
Tutorial Proxmox: User, Group, Permission, Role, Dan Pool
Tutorial Proxmox: User, Group, Permission, Role, Dan Pool
Tutorial  Proxmox:  User  Group  Permission  Role  Dan  Pool  4th++ 
november 2019 by kilroy2

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