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Essential Image Optimization
"It’s unlikely that images will go away and so investing in an efficient compression strategy to minimize bloat becomes important" - Addy Osmani
performance  image-optimization  reference  tools  front-end  images 
29 minutes ago by marius.marinescu
Qnikst blog - Marrying Haskell and Hyper-Threading
Results were quite interesting. At first everything went well: the application was able to process about 1k requests per second and that was enough for the expected load. However, when Yandex Tank gave a pressure of about 2k RPS the situation became worse. The application stopped being responsive. It was able to process only 200 requests per second. That was troublesome. On the Yandex tank plots there was a period of reasonable performance and then a period of unresponsiveness.

Another surprising fact was that the issue didn’t appear on my system which is comparable to the one where stress tests were running, and the one that could handle higher load. Accidentally I realised the difference, and the following dialogue took place:

Me: What is the CPU on the system?

Admin: I7 4 cores, eight thread!

Me: Ah! Add GHCRTS=-N4 to the container’s Environment.

After that single adjustment the situation changed drastically: the program was now able to process 4.5k RPS (comparable to the maximum load that a single instance of Yandex.Tank can generate), now mutator time got >99%, GC pauses were still ~10ms but very rare and memory usage was about 25Mb.
intel  cpu  hyperthreading  performance  haskell 
1 hour ago by some_hren
The Web I Want - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
The web is supposed to be accessible to all but flavour of the month techniques and over-complication is ruining everything
lean  simple  webpage  web  nojs  advocacy  accessibility  css  performance  website 
1 hour ago by gilberto5757
Hard Costs of Third-Party Scripts -
There are right and wrong ways to load third-party scripts, but there is still a cost, a cost that’s passed on to the user.
javascript  development  privacy  performance 
2 hours ago by decembr14
Using the RAIL Model to Measure Your Site’s Performance
How do you measure site performance? RAIL provides handy benchmarks based on speed and user experience to help you know when you’ve done enough.
rail  performance  web  internet  speed  optimize  cache  caching 
15 hours ago by jennettefulda

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