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RobinHood: tail latency aware caching – dynamic reallocation from cache-rich to cache-poor | the morning paper
Clever caching policy that reduces tail latency significantly in practice by caching more for backends that are most responsible for high tail latency.
cache  algorithm  performance 
2 hours ago by tobym
How to Worry About NPM Package Weight
Various methods for analysing packages/builds for optimisation
performance  tooling 
3 hours ago by jchristianhall
Compress and compare images with different codecs, right in your browser
development  image  performance  tools  compression 
6 hours ago by garrettc
A/B Testing at the Edge (Cloudflare) with Servers Workers | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
The following Service Worker script, when running on Cloudflare and pointed at that page, would change the first instance of the text "donuts" to instead say, "stroop wafels".
tutorial  webdev  javascript  performance  analytics 
7 hours ago by jayfree

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