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Cast of grotesques grind out another day in Westminster’s Truman Show
The prime minister mumbled something almost unintelligible – English is her second language, bollocks being her first – at being proud of the expansion in the use of food banks. And that was pretty much that. Five more times the leader of the opposition asked an almost identical question and five times he got the same non-answer.
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yesterday by amaah
Wikipedia and the Wisdom of Polarized Crowds - Issue 70: Variables - Nautilus
“It seems like conservatives are happy to draw on science associated with economic growth—that’s what they want from science,” Evans said. “Science is more like Star Trek for liberals: traveling through worlds, searching for new meanings, searching for yourself.” Science turned out to be “a huge example of confirmation bias,” Evans said. “You expect something to be true, you want it to be true, you read books that affirm and confirm those truths.” Looking at the polarized results, Evans had an idea. What would happen if you put together a group of diverse people to produce information? What would the results look like? Evans knew just the place to conduct the experiment: Wikipedia. Evans and Misha Teplitskiy, a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, and colleagues, studied 205,000 Wikipedia topics and their associated “talk pages,” where anybody can observe the debates and conversations that go on behind the scenes.
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2 days ago by basemaly
Some Humans Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field, Fascinating Experiment Suggests
During carefully controlled experiments, participants sat upright in the chair with their heads positioned near the center of the magnetic field, while EEG data was collected from 64 electrodes. The hour-long tests, in which the direction of the magnetic fields were rotated repeatedly, were performed in total darkness. The experiment involved 34 adult volunteers, who collectively participated in hundreds of trials; all tests were done in a double blind manner, and control groups were also included.

After the experiments, none of the participants said they could tell when or if any change to the magnetic field had occurred. But for four of the 34 participants, the EEG data told a different story.
perception  magnetic  human 
4 days ago by dpb
the interface theory.pdf
Aistimukset todellisuuden käyttöliittymä, ei itse todellisuus - natural se-
lection fosters perceptions that act as simplified user interfaces, expediting
adaptive behavior while shrouding the causal and structural complexity of
the objective world.
universe  conciousness  magick  perception 
4 days ago by sampsa
Making sense of how the blind 'see' color - Red is to the blind as Justice is to the sighted
To see that process in action, Caramazza and his colleagues recruited both blind and sighted volunteers and used fMRI scanners to track activity in their brains as they performed various tasks, including answering questions about rainbows and colors.

"We found that, in the congenitally blind, the neural responses for red were in the same areas as the neural responses for justice," he said. "The abstractness of something like red in the blind is the same as the abstractness of virtue for the sighted, and in both cases that information is represented in a part of the brain where information is obtained through linguistic processes."

While the study's findings suggest there are similarities between how the blind and the sighted interpret concepts like color, Caramazza said the answer is still far from definitive.
science  research  vision  brain  perception  cognition 
8 days ago by rmohns
End of Story
I should have been gentler with Christine, I thought, and should have also remembered that objective facts are no match for the aggressively conciliatory nature of Northern California culture. There’s an idea in this part of America that if you do not entertain any and all opinions that cross your path, in a blissful state of total cultural, moral, and metaphysical relativism, you have sacrificed your will to “The Man.”
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10 days ago by amaah
Holmgren's coloured wool test for colour blindness, Europe, | Wellcome Collection
The patient had to match one piece of wool to the samples in the box in this colour blindness test. There are light and dark shades to confuse the patient. This helped detect problems. The numbers on the pieces of wool were codes. The doctor used them to determine what type colour blindness the patient had.

Swedish physiologist Alarik Frithiof Holmgren (1831-1897) devised this test in 1874. He pursued his investigations following a railway accident in Sweden in 1876. The accident w...
colour_blindness  curiosity  wool  old  museum  perception 
11 days ago by vloux

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