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Miles 2007-2018 Drawing Progress - Album on Imgur
Hey everyone! I recently re-downloaded this archive of images I has saved online from a sketchbook thread I had from 2007- 2013. I gave a lecture at SARA (Swedish Academy of Realist Art), where I currently teach, during which I took people through my own journey of learning to draw. I thought it might be fun to throw something together for the internet I could link people to, with the hopes that it can inspire you to keep up your own practice!
Miles  Johnston  illustrator  progress  pencil 
16 days ago by fjordaan
"Essential Tools for Future Creators." Developers of the drawing app Paper (Set Ideas Free) and Paste (Beautiful Slides for Fast Teams), and the hardware device Pencil (The Stylus for Everyone).
FiftyThree  pencil 
18 days ago by amoore
No. 2: Story of the Pencil
Kickstarter site for the documentary by William Allen (also David Carson, Caroline Weaver, David Rees, Henry Petroski). Includes short (1:12) on the "Pencil" by FiftyThree.
pencil  pencils  documentary  Kickstarter  WilliamAllen  writing  writing-tools  FiftyThree  CarolineWeaver  HenryPetroski  DavidRees  DavidCarson 
18 days ago by amoore

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