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Right click multiple PDF's and Merge Them - Spiceworks
I want to be able to highlight multiple PDF files, right click them, and then merge them to a single PDF.  Does anyone k... | 6 replies | Questions and Answers
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4 hours ago by natedoc
madnight/docker-alpine-wkhtmltopdf: wkhtmltopdf alpine docker container with headless qt patches
wkhtmltopdf with qt patches

yes, Alpine does have a wkhtmltopdf package... but it doesn't include the qt patches ... enjoy!
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10 hours ago by kjeldahl
Icon libraries
IconJar links to many icon libraries
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yesterday by oterpolk
Colour Space Conversions
Exhaustive guide to different colour spaces, their uses, and conversions between them
colour  rgb  cmyk  cie  space  pdf  mathematics  perception 
yesterday by michielbuddingh

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