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How to Rid a New PC of Crapware - PCMag Australia
A new Windows PC typically comes pre-installed with shovels full of crapware you don't want. Here's how to deal with it.
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TechBench by WZT (v4.1.1)
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Civics education belongs in all school grades
My position will be to encourage civic education for students throughout all grades. Most important, high school students can engage in civics through a program called “We the People.” This civics based program has been in existence since 1987. It is administered by the Center for Civic Education in Calabasas, Calif., and locally by the N.H. Bar Association in Concord, N.H. The We the People program promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. The We the People curriculum is an innovative course of instruction on the history and principles of the United States constitutional democratic republic. The program enjoys active support from state bar associations and foundations, and other educational, professional, business, and community organizations across the nation. Since its inception in 1987, more than 30 million students and 75,000 educators have participated in the We the People program.

Milford High School has used the program for the last 20 years and has had a number of students motivated to partake in wonderful careers or paths using this program.

We have had students go into government on the local state and national level. For example one of our senators calls the Milford High “We the People” team her farm team because of the number of students who are now working for her. We also have students who are working as document analysts at the library of Congress, lawyers at the FCC and GLAD, journalists for Washington magazines and lobbyists. There are also a number of my former students who hold local and state government positions. In fact, one is in our New Hampshire House of Representatives and one is currently running for New Hampshire house of representatives.

David earned degrees in political science and teaching. In 2000 he earned the prestigious James Madison Fellowship Award. He was named the N.H. Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the Daughters of the American Revolution and again by the N.H. Council for Social Studies. In 2013, he was awarded the National Civics Teacher of the Year by the American Civic Education Teacher Awards and was named Milford, N.H., Citizen of the Year by the Milford Historical Society. In 2016, he received the American Lawyers Auxiliary National Teacher of the Year Award presented at the Yale Club in New York City, N.Y. He has presented at numerous institutes and national and state conferences on topics of civic education and citizenship. While at Milford High School he has led his “We the People” team, a civics class that competes in civic education competitions, to 15 state championships in 20 years.
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Oak Grove Middle School Wins Civic Learning Award Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3893764#ixzz5O73fuDCl
Yearly, the California Department of Education acknowledges excellent public schools in California with the Civic Learning Award. Schools are awarded in one of three areas: Excellence, Distinction, and Merit. For the 2017-2018 school year, only one middle school in all of California was awarded the Civic Learning Award of Distinction, Oak Grove Middle School of the Jamul-Dulzura Union School District.

Oak Grove Middle School, located in rural Jamul of San Diego County, won the award based on their Constitution-themed curriculum which is a required part of Social Studies class. The award is also a reflection of other programs Oak Grove offers like Project Citizen and We the People. Project Citizen helps students to become active civic participants by identifying problems, exploring solutions, and presenting plans to local policy makers. We the People is a program that promotes critical thinking in students with a historical basis for issues of today.

Staff and teachers at Oak Grove Middle School proudly provide students with these and many other educational opportunities. The caring staff at Oak Grove provides instruction that doesn’t just teach students facts, but gives students a connection between what they are learning and the real world, which translates into student participation in school government and the democratic process as adults. This type of civic-based education is what lead Oak Grove Middle School to be a stand-out California public school for the Civic Learning Awards.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3893764#ixzz5O7404u2G
2 days ago by ccenews
Every Culture Appropriates - The Atlantic
A Canadian university cancelled its yoga classes as culturally appropriating—notwithstanding that most of the strenuous moves taught in a modern class actually originate in Danish gymnastics and British army calisthenics, which were in turn appropriated by Indian entrepreneurs seeking to update yoga from a meditative to an active practice for the body-conscious modern age.
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Home | The Bottlenecker | First bottleneck calculator
This is a web portal designed for PC enthusiasts. Serves to resolve doubts in creation of computer configurations. We will help you to choose most appropriate processor and graphic card.
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