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Paywalls: Schaden sie der Demokratie?
And again: about the cultural impact of paywall journalism. Written by someone who sells the solution he recommended
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6 days ago by Herbelizer
Condé Nast to Put All Titles Behind Paywalls by Year End
Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg/The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 23, 2019.
condenast  paywall  magazines 
10 days ago by markcoddington
Die neuen Täler der Ahnungslosen | MEDIENWOCHE
„Was nämlich frei zugänglich bleibt, sind entweder die Beiträge der zunehmend in einer Legitimationsskrise steckenden öffentlich-rechtlichen Medien oder freie Angebote, die mit reisserischen und unter Umständen falschen Behauptungen eine maximal mögliche Reichweite erzielen müssen, um sich so noch von den Resten der Online-Werbung zu finanzieren. Diese Texte werden gefunden und verbreiten sich. Dies führt zu neuen Tälern von Ahnungslosen, die dann den politischen und gesellschaftlichen Diskurs zunehmend bestimmen.“
Journalism  Paywall  Job 
24 days ago by Herbelizer
Shooting to Kill: Headshots, Twitch Reflexes, and the Mechropolitics of Video Games - Amanda Phillips, 2018
The headshot burst into the cultural imaginary with the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, and it has been remediated from historical anxieties about exe...
academic  games  criticism  paywall 
5 weeks ago by dekachin
Outline - Read & annotate without distractions
Can't believe I'm only finding now ... I love it ... would be a great service to offer in #highered or #k12
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6 weeks ago by grantpotter
The Atlantic's shift to subscriptions is delayed - Digiday
„ extensive qualitative research program designed to help many parts of the organization turn The Atlantic into a habit-forming title.“
business  subscription  paywall  onlinejournalism  theatlantic  habit 
6 weeks ago by fabianmohr
How Paywalls are Making Us Dumber
"The end result is that the vast majority of people are either reading high-quality center-left or low-quality hard-left news outlets (because they are free) or low-quality hard-right news outlets (because those too are free). And that isn’t just speculation; the data backs it up. The high-quality center-right outlets are there — they exist and they produce good content — but they aren’t free."
2017  journalism  paywall  this_is_fine  news 
7 weeks ago by mechazoidal
PSA: 's may be the most easily circumvented of any anywhere. Just stop the page from loading…
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7 weeks ago by userX
How Online Subscription Services Deal with the Problem of Password Sharing - Scientific American ;;;jhgjhg
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Contrast those approaches with services such as Netflix, Hulu and Spotify: Your monthly fee allows a specified number of simultaneous streams/logins, such as two or four. The companies don't have to sweat over how many people have your password. All they care is that only two of you are watching or listening simultaneously.
Paywall  password  sharing  netflix  simultaneous  devices 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Get OneLogin - OneLogin ;;; ;;;
SSO = single sign on.
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Register Now to Watch this Video
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Phone Number: XXXYYYZZ11
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--- ;;;
An instant kill switch eliminates lingering access to school applications after departures.
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8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
7 Best Practices For Subscription Barriers and Paywalls – Member Up ;;;
tags: 7 Best Practices For Subscription Barriers and Paywalls – Member Up | payWall ;;;
popup shows soft paywall limit (x number of articles per month)
but does not show, how many i've read so far.
Here’s a good checklist on how to customize it well:

Instead of:
“Oops! Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you’re already a member, you can log in below.”

Use jargon
that your niche can understand and connect with
Reiterate on the primary problem that your site solves or the primary outcome they are after
(ex: “Join today and say goodbye to suffering through painfully inaccurate screencasts”)

Don’t use language that makes it feel like a mistake or that they broke a rule by ending up there (e.g. “sorry”, “error” and “oops”)

Instead use language that encourages them to join in on the fun. Invite them in to be a part of what your site offers (ex: “Become an insider” or “Join over 4,000 other collectors who enjoy the full benefits of our membership”).

Keep it short and to the point – don’t make them read through paragraphs of text. Start off with a heading like we mentioned before (“Get access to this article and much more…”) and quickly show them the next step is to do that.
Are special offers available for first time signers?
Do you provide a special offer (free trial, discounted price, etc.)? i.e.
initial price $0.99/month for 1st months.
Regular Price $10/month OR $100/year.
7  Best  Practices  For  Subscription  Barriers  and  Paywalls    Member  Up  |  payWall  soft 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
What is a Paywall? Everything You Need to Know | Custom Paywall Solutions ;;;
tags: paywall soft hard customPaywallSolutions ;;;
The Soft Paywall:
Otherwise referred to as the “metered” paywall, a soft paywall allows users to view several articles before they’re asked to subscribe for full access to the content within. Often, the quota for how many articles a reader can consume is refreshed once every thirty days or so.

The Hard Paywall:
A hard paywall is something a publisher uses when they want their user to subscribe for they access any additional content. This is one of the riskiest options because the publisher may lose a majority of its visibility and audience. For instance, The Times had its own hard paywall, and while it’s revenue increased, it’s readership dropped significantly.
paywall  soft  hard  customPaywallSolutions  metered 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns

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