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How Ovo Has Grown to be Indonesia's Largest Digital Payments Platform
gest e-commerce platform. OVO said the deal would help it cement its position as the country’s largest mobile payment platform in terms of transaction volume and reach. “The partnership will add Tokopedia’s close to 80 million active monthly users to OVO’s existing userbase of 60 million. It will also add more than 4 million Tokopedia merchants to what is already a market-leading merchant network, covering malls, smaller retailer, as well as GrabFood partners and Kudo agents,” the co...
ovo  payment  indonesia 
21 hours ago by JINYONG86
Home - Open Collective
Some sort of charity clearinghouse for open source projects to be paid by companies
opensource  community  funding  finance  payment  processing  crowdfunding  collaboration  donation  management 
3 days ago by asteroza
In India, Xiaomi joins the mobile wallet war
It’s up against Google Pay, WhatsApp Pay, and Paytm.
xiaomi  payment  india 
3 days ago by JINYONG86
Whether it’s a new mattress or a trip to New Zealand, we’re here to make your purchases easy. Pay over time at thousands of stores with no hidden fees.
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7 days ago by dicewitch

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