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Designing Friction For A Better User Experience — Smashing Magazine
n experience design, friction is anything that prevents users from accomplishing their goals or getting things done. It’s the newsletter signup overlay covering the actual content, the difficult wording on a landing page, or the needless optional questions in a checkout flow. It’s the opposite of intuitive and effortless, the opposite of “Don’t make me think.”

Having said that, friction can still be a good thing sometimes. In game design, for example, friction is actually required. The right amount of friction at the right time is what makes a game challenging enough.

But it’s not just game design where friction can come in handy. In this article, I’ll show a few use cases where friction can be an efficient part of the UX designers’ toolkit to help with understandability or even improve the user experience.
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Design Principles
This site is an open source resource created to help us understand and write Design Principles.

The collection contains:


Design Principles

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Data Permissions Catalogue - IF
An evolving collection of design patterns for sharing data
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