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You’re All Doing Entity Framework Wrong – Michael Hoagland – Medium
This is a conversational talk about a deeply problematic trend I’ve seen with Entity Framework utilization across organizations small and large with teams of juniors to teams of architects. This…
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yesterday by program247365
Pattern in Islamic Art
This website offers an archive of over 4000 images of patterns and other design features drawn from the rich cultural heritage of the Islamic world. Historically, the decorative arts have always formed a major part of Islamic aesthetic expression. Its remarkable achievements in this direction (much of which are represented here) make it an invaluable resource for designers of all kinds as well as for art-historians and art-lovers generally.
art  patterns 
2 days ago by jasonsutter
Design Systems
A resource for learning, creating and evangelizing design systems.
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4 days ago by jppferguson
How we make decisions at Coinbase – Brian Armstrong – Medium
In this post, I’ll share a framework we’ve developed at Coinbase that helps us make decisions more effectively. Our core values include Clear Communication and Efficient Execution. This framework is an example of how we operationalize those values. via Pocket
pocket  afrogleap  decisions  development  patterns  team 
4 days ago by jburkunk
Code rant: The Lava Layer Anti-Pattern
Some good advice for working with legacy code.
TL:DR Successive, well intentioned, changes to architecture and technology throughout the lifetime of an application can lead to a fragmented and hard to maintain code base. Sometimes it is better to favour consistent legacy technology over fragmentation.
programming  refactoring  design  patterns  architecture  LegacyCode 
5 days ago by jefframnani

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