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The Dangers of Overpersonalization
Too much personalization leads to homogeneous experiences for users and can generate content fatigue and lack of diversity.
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yesterday by aeng
The Dangers of Overpersonalization (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Kim Flaherty и Kate Moran из Nielsen/Norman Group разбирают проблемы рекомендательных систем, которые загоняют пользователя в «пузырь» одинакового контента.
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2 days ago by jvetrau
HTML5 Input Types — Where Are They Now? (Smashing Magazine)
Drew McLellan разбирает поддержку браузерами полей ввода для разных форматов данных (телефон, дата и т.п.). Поддержка есть, а вот её качество сильно плавает и зачастую лучше делать свой элемент управления.
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3 days ago by jvetrau
The Exaggerated Promise of So-Called Unbiased Data Mining | WIRED
"Something extremely unlikely is not unlikely at all if it has already happened."
"The Feynman trap—ransacking data for patterns without any preconceived idea of what one is looking for—is the Achilles heel of studies based on data mining. Finding something unusual or surprising after it has already occurred is neither unusual nor surprising. Patterns are sure to be found, and are likely to be misleading, absurd, or worse."

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3 days ago by Tonti
Have Direct Links to ‘Return Policy’ and ‘Shipping Info’ in the Footer (20% don’t) (Baymard Institute)
Christian Holst из Baymard пишет о важности размещения ссылок на условия доставки и возврата в подвале интернет-магазина.
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3 days ago by jvetrau

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