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On the Road - Inova Fair Oaks Hospital - The Beryl Institute - Improving the Patient Experience
Inspiring #casestudy of a #patient #experience #journey initiative at a Virginia #hospital + example #service #design artifacts #healthcare #cx
patient  customer  experience  journey  map  example  casestudy  hospital  virginia  emergency  hall  collaboration  reflection  healthcare  service  design  csr19 
yesterday by csrollyson
Patient Experience Study | GE Healthcare & Prophet
Survey of US #healthcare patients & providers reveals grim #patient #experience: providers think they're doing okay, but patients disagree. BTW, firms can improve studies with #agile #digital #ethnography (it's more patient-centric ;^) #CX
patient  experience  healthcare  usa  survey  marketing  research  report  Statistics  2016  customer  csr19 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Better patient experience hinges on improving financial journey
From the Duh Dept: To improve #patient #experience, transform #financial experience, transparency. BTW, firms can improve studies with #agile #digital #ethnography (it's more patient-centric ;^) #CX
healthcare  usa  patient  experience  finance  insurance  payer  stream  2018  survey  customer  Research 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Journey mapping as a tool to transform patient experience | AMS Insights
Example: legacy qualitative market research relies on few participants for interviews, diary studies & surveys: #agile #digital #ethnography improves research design by evaluating much more patient experiences
patient  customer  experience  marketing  survey  dairy  interview  traditional  healthcare  research  primary  journey  map  qualitative  knee  surgery 
12 days ago by csrollyson
The CAR T-cell Chicago story: One year later – Science Life
Hospital-produced patient story of successful CAR T treatment; also discusses how ATC and community oncologist collaborated
ATC  18sbx  story  patient  comdoc  atcdoc  bullsi  ws1  ws2  ws3  sh1  sh3  sh4  uchicago  via:csrollyson  kite  gwait 
21 days ago by gwaitley
CAR-T Therapy: Lifeline to A Cure? - Cancer Health
2 YESCARTA case studies for NHL and PMBCL patients highlight ATC interactions and patient and ATC physician quotes
patient  yescarta  casestudy  sh1  sh4  ATC  NHL  transplant  ASCT  radiation  referral  ws1  ws2  cartcell  18sbx  PMBCL  Q1  2018  bullsi2  bullsi  via:csrollyson  kite  gwait 
21 days ago by gwaitley
Lympho Bob: CAR-T posts
Voluminous blog of NHL patient includes his opinions and thoughts about CAR-T; he has NOT had CAR-T, was cured in 2010-2011
sh1  blog  nhl  patient  journey  experience  bullsi  2010  18sbx  via:csrollyson  kite 
21 days ago by gwaitley
The One Thing That Patients Need The Most – Ruth Henderson – Medium
Superb caregiver account with *both parents* one w NHL + eye-popping examples of care lapses
sh1  sh2  advocacy  18sbx  nhl  canada  example  story  dementia  family  bullsi  patient  caregiver  via:csrollyson  kite 
21 days ago by gwaitley
Car-T treatment - - Lymphoma Support and Help Forums!
Several caregivers and patients discussing CAR-T as it intersects journeys
cartcell  ws1  ws2  patient  sh1  sh2  caregiver  bullsi2  forum  discussion  usa  canada  medical  tourism  ATC  18sbx  via:csrollyson  kite 
21 days ago by gwaitley
Car T cell treatment : lymphoma
Patients and caregivers talking about CAR-T side effects and "value"
sh1  sh2  bullsi  ws2  patient  caregiver  discussion  forum  18sbx  bullsi2  via:csrollyson  kite 
21 days ago by gwaitley
Health Online 2013 | Pew Research Center
Long in the tooth but useful; most findings have likely increased as online/digital adoption deepens
2013  healthcare  online  behavior  research  patient  customer  Experience 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
The New Face of Audience Journey Mapping in Healthcare - Forum for Healthcare Strategists
POV espouses using "brand journalism" to reach consumers earlier in their decision journeys; cites 83% [all] customers access digital/web late in their journeys; 33% healthcare patients self-diagnose online
healthcare  marketing  customer  patient  experience  pointofview  journey  content  q3  2018 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson

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