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PathLocate - Locates files in the PATH-listed directories
PathLocate small command line utility that allows you to quickly search for files located in directories listed in the %PATH% environment variable.
software  freeware  command_line  path 
15 days ago by kger
SebLague/Path-Creator: Path creation asset for Unity game development
Path creation asset for Unity game development. Contribute to SebLague/Path-Creator development by creating an account on GitHub.
unity  unity3d  github  path  spline 
20 days ago by olafyoorsen
mxcl/Path.swift: Delightful, robust, cross-platform and chainable file-pathing functions
A file-system pathing library focused on developer experience and robust end results.
lang:swift  is:repo  path  files 
22 days ago by cdzombak
Open Sublime Text from cmder (Windows) – Linh Nguyen My – Medium
Last night I was trying to configure my PATH so that I could open Sublime Text from cmder just how I can open atom and Visual Studio Code with atom . and code . respectively. In order to do this…
windows  PATH  edit 
29 days ago by dualhammers

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