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GitHub - dropbox/zxcvbn: Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation
A full features password strength checker, incorporating dictionaries, character substitution, common passwords and repeated letters etc.
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yesterday by bonuswavepilot
ahnick/ Lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts - Lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts
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yesterday by geetarista
Troy Hunt: I've Just Launched "Pwned Passwords" V2 With Half a Billion Passwords for Download
Last August, I launched a little feature within Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) I called Pwned Passwords. This was a list of 320 million passwords from a range of different data breaches which organisations could use to better protect their own systems. How? NIST explains:
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yesterday by dangeranger
AgileBits Blog | 1Password is for families
Today we’re celebrating Family Day here in Ontario and throughout other parts of Canada. It’s a great way to remind ourselves of the people in our lives who are always here when we need them. Family can mean a lot of different things – my brother-in-law Mike calling to ask if I need help shovelling snow, my aunt sharing a new card game, or a friend who needs a ride to an appointment – in the end, family means “together”.
Sharing together
Most of the time, sharing lives together is as simple as sharing a meal, sharing how your day was, and – these days – sharing Wi-Fi passwords and Netflix accounts. 1Password Families can’t cook for you or get your kids to clean their rooms, but it’s great with online accounts. In fact, it’s great for sharing a lot more than passwords, too.
security  privacy  passwords  1password  sharing  family 
3 days ago by rgl7194
Researcher Uses macOS App Screenshot Feature to Steal Passwords, Tokens, Keys
Malicious app developers can secretly abuse a macOS API function to take screenshots of the user's screen and then use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to programmatically read the text found in the image.
The function is CGWindowListCreateImage, often utilized by Mac apps that take screenshots or live stream a user's desktop.
API function can be abused to read sensitive user data
According to Fastlane Tools founder Felix Krause, any Mac app, sandboxed or not, can access this function and secretly take screenshots of the user's screen.
Krause argues that miscreants can abuse this privacy loophole and utilize CGWindowListCreateImage to take screenshots of the screen without the user's permission.
In experiments he carried out, Krause says he was able to use an OCR library to read various types of information captured using CGWindowListCreateImage. He argues that an attacker can...
security  privacy  mac  screenshots  apps  passwords  malware  API  OCR 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Bitwarden - Free Open Source Password Manager
The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data.
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12 days ago by mikael

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