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Day 4 – Parsing with Grammars (Book Extract) | Perl 6 Advent Calendar
The following is an extract from the book Parsing with Perl 6 Regexes and Grammars: A Recursive Descent into Parsing, by Moritz Lenz, published 2017 by Apress Media, LLC. Reprinted with permission.
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yesterday by AleatoricConsonance
State Machine Diagram Drawing Tools
Can any one recommend a free open source diagram editor which supports state machine documentation and editing? The Moore Machine or the Mealy Machine
7 days ago by stever
How to build a parser by hand
Building a hand-written parser is actually not much harder than using a tool. You can easily build something simple, efficient, and flexible, but perhaps not that elegant. I'll show how I built a parser for a simple template language I use to generate HTML for this blog.
7 days ago by stever

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