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Rediscover Walmer's Pleasure Grounds | English Heritage
In a £2.3m project at Walmer Castle, English Heritage is taking action to revive and reunite gardens begun by William Pitt the Younger, assisted by his niece, Lady Hester Stanhope.

The wild flower meadow known as the Paddock and the planted former chalk quarry called the Glen were once part of a delightful 19th-century garden landscape.
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4 days ago by asaltydog
Tomoka State Park | Florida State Parks
A beautiful park sits undisturbed just minutes away from the busy urban world surroundings. Native Americans once had dwellings here, living off fish-filled lagoons. Today, these waters are popular for canoeing, boating and fishing.
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5 days ago by jstenner
Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area
My friend Katherine was just here and sent a photo that was amazing. Putting it on my list for my next trip to Georgia.
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12 days ago by glass
Trying out the suspension bridge at Rembrandtpark in the wheelchair.

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13 days ago by tikitu

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