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Ask an indie rock veteran: Should I be forcing my kid to practice their instrument?
The days when a kid would sit down and watch somebody play piano for entertainment are sadly fading. Therefore, I would suggest a repertoire they recognize, so there’s some context for what they are doing. Unfortunately, this probably means a pretty quick transition from “Hot Cross Buns” into “Bad Blood,” but nobody said this was going to be easy.
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2 hours ago by craniac
The best audiobooks for kids
"When they were younger, my kids spent a lot of time in the car on long trips. Unwilling to give them an iPad to watch a movie or play games, we would often spend a big portion of these trips listening to audiobooks. Some of our favorites were Cricket in Times Square, Matilda, Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

But my personal favorite The Trumpet of the Swan, wonderfully narrated by E.B. White himself! We’ve probably listened to it four or five times at least. The other day the kids and I were discussing the system of Latin names for species and when I asked if they knew any of them besides homo sapiens, Ollie shouted “Cygnus buccinator!” (The only one I could come up with off the top of my head was Rattus rattus.)

I’ve also heard good things about Jim Dale’s narration of all seven Harry Potter books, some of the other Roald Dahl stories like Danny the Champion of the World, Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Hobbit.

I’m also curious about See You in the Cosmos. I’m reading it aloud to my kids right now in book form but given how the story is told, the audiobook might be even better.

Thanks to Lexi Mainland at Cup of Jo for the inspiration for this post."
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yesterday by robertogreco
My daughter and I shot a music video today. Here’s her taking a break between shots.
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yesterday by Hwestiii
My daughter and I shot a music video today. Here’s her taking a break between shots.
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yesterday by danmanchester
How Our Socialization as Children Perpetuates Oppression - Parenting for Social Change
"... the adult-child relationship in our culture is the foundation for other types of oppression beyond adultism. Adult authority figures establish normative relationships that use domination and control to force children to behave in ways acceptable to adults. This kind of relationship creates fertile ground for believing that the use of power over others based on social identities is acceptable and expected. We normalize “power-over” dynamics. Oppression and discrimination are normalized from birth through our lived experiences as children."
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2 days ago by gunsch

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