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New Neuroscience Reveals 9 Rituals That Will Make You An Amazing Parent - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Having fun with kids is easy. Disciplining them can be hard. But these tips from a leading expert can help make you an amazing parent.
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How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money - The New York Times
Being explicit with the lessons works well. Stephanie Eras, an engineer in New Mexico, said she used the benefits package offered by her daughter’s part-time job at Panera Bread as an opportunity to discuss savings.

As an inducement for her daughter to save the maximum amount allowed in the company’s 401(k) plan, Ms. Eras matched her daughter’s contribution. She also shared stories about her father and mother, who lived frugally.

“My mom didn’t tell us, ‘You must go to college and get a good job.’ She said, ‘You need to get a job with benefits,’” Ms. Eras said. “Those lessons taught me to live within my means.”

When her daughter announced that money wouldn’t buy them happiness, Ms. Eras pointed out that although that was true, money bought the things that they needed and wanted. “I listed them,” she said.
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'The Way Things Work Now' by David Macaulay — Tools and Toys
The latest edition of the classic book which introduces kids to the inner workings of everyday machines in an entertaining and informative way.
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