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Built-in class-based generic views | Django documentation | Django
when class-based views are called, various useful things are stored on self; as well as the request (self.request) this includes the positional (self.args) and name-based (self.kwargs) arguments captured according to the URLconf.
django  class_based_view  cbv  url  parameters  kwargs 
4 weeks ago by christianmlong
java - How to access parameters in a RESTful POST method - Stack Overflow
Really useful answer about the various ways to pass parameters to a RESTful service.
JAXB  REST  HTTP  URLs  parameters  JSON 
november 2018 by devilgate
Parsing bash/shell command line options using getopts
Parsing bash/shell command line options using getopts - parseCmdInBetterway
bash  parameters  options  getopts  parsing  usage 
october 2018 by nharbour

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