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[1811.12560] An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

@VinFL: Excited to share a quite extensive introduction to deep reinforcement learning! With @astro_pyotr @riashatislam @marcgbellemare and Joelle Pineau, we hope it will be useful to the community. Print version available at #NeurIPS!
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2 days ago by azadag
Paper Sizes
A neat little resource for international paper sizes.
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3 days ago by Puddingstone
VADER: A Parsimonious Rule-based Model for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Text
The inherent nature of social media content poses serious challenges to practical applications of sentiment analysis. We present VADER, a simple rule-based model for general sentiment analysis, and compare its effectiveness to eleven typical state-of-practice benchmarks including LIWC, ANEW, the General Inquirer, SentiWordNet, and machine learning oriented techniques relying on Naive Bayes, Maximum Entropy, and Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithms. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, we first construct and empirically validate a goldstandard list of lexical features (along with their associated sentiment intensity measures) which are specifically attuned to sentiment in microblog-like contexts. We then combine these lexical features with consideration for five general rules that embody grammatical and syntactical conventions for expressing and emphasizing sentiment intensity. Interestingly, using our parsimonious rule-based model to assess the sentiment of tweets, we find that VADER outperforms individual human raters (F1 Classification Accuracy = 0.96 and 0.84, respectively), and generalizes more favorably across contexts than any of our benchmarks.
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3 days ago by dicewitch
Archiving cryptographic secrets on paper — whitequark’s lab notebook
"In this note I show a script for splitting small amounts of data across multiple barcodes and generating a printable document. Specifically, this script is limited to less than 7650 alphanumeric characters, such as from the Base-64 alphabet. It can be used for archiving Tarsnap keys, GPG keys, SSH keys, etc."
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3 days ago by sometimesfood

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