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Frontiers | On Poetic Topic Modeling: Extracting Themes and Motifs From a Corpus of Spanish Poetry | Digital Humanities
This paper analyzes the application of LDA topic modeling to a corpus of poetry. First, it explains how the most coherent LDA-topics have been established by running several tests and automatically evaluating the coherence of the resulting LDA-topics. via Pocket
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3 days ago by kintopp - Make your own grid paper
Make your own grid and dot and hex and line and staff paper!
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4 days ago by drhayes
Global Forest Research | Market Intelligence - Pulp | Paper | Biomass
Hawkins Wright is an independent consultancy providing market intelligence and business information services to the international pulp, paper and bioenergy industries. These services include private consultancy assignments covering a full range of marketing and strategic subjects as well as regular multi-client reports and newsletters.
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4 days ago by shalmaneser

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