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Three "privacy moments" in the United States and the Unstoppable Panopticon
Three things are happening simultaneously: (1) we are generating personal data at a rapid and accelerating pace, (2) leaking these data to a growing number of sources through intentional and unintentional means (e.g. via Pocket
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yesterday by ChristopherA
Jaron Lanier Interview on What Went Wrong With the Internet
«And then when you move out of the tech world, everybody’s struggling. It’s a very strange thing. The numbers show an economy that’s doing well, but the reality is that the way it’s doing well doesn’t give many people a feeling of security or confidence in their futures. It’s like everybody’s working for Uber in one way or another. Everything’s become the gig economy. And we routed it that way, that’s our doing. There’s this strange feeling when you just look outside of the tight circle of Silicon Valley, almost like entering another country, where people are less secure. It’s not a good feeling. I don’t think it’s worth it, I think we’re wrong to want that feeling.»
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29 days ago by brennen
Daniel Everett | Self Publish, Be Happy
Lately I’ve been occupied in thinking through the aesthetic decisions that go into non-consumer-facing, functional objects (security systems, industrial equipment, utility towers, etc.) and the motivations that inform their appearance. As an outgrowth of that, I’ve also been focused on the unintentional abstractions of progress, seen especially in the physical marks that are left by the systems we use to organize and construct space.
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11 weeks ago by craniac
Amazon gibt intime Alexa-Sprachdateien preis | heise online
Durch einen Fehler von fielen rund 1700 Alexa-Sprachaufzeichnungen in die Hände eines Unbefugten.
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