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PANE is a prototype live, functional programming environment built around data-visibility. In PANE, all intermediate values are visible by default, and you construct a program by acting on these concrete values.
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14 days ago by jbrennan
Split a window/split/pane/window in Eclipse
In order to have multiple windows/splits open of the same file in Eclipse (in the same Eclipse window)
- Open the file
- <Ctrl>_ . to split the current window horizontally
- or <Ctrl>{ to split the current window vertically
eclipse  split  pane  window  file  multiple  view  open  same  times  edit 
april 2018 by ebouchut
How to Batch Delete All Empty Calendar Groups in Your Outlook
Aside from the default calendar group “My Calendars” in the Calendar navigation pane, you can also create custom calendar groups at will. Now, if you’d like to batch delete all empty calendar groups, you can use the way shared in this post.
Batch  Delete  Calendar  Groups  Calendars  All  Empty  fix  PST  Navigation  Pane  outlook  VBA 
march 2018 by DataNumen
Tmux: Server, Sessions, Windows and Panes
The server holds sessions and the windows and panes within them
tmux  image  server  session  window  pane  hierarchy 
february 2018 by ebouchut
moll/vim-bbye: Delete buffers and close files in Vim without closing your windows or messing up your layout. Like Bclose.vim, but rewritten and well maintained.
vim-bbye - Delete buffers and close files in Vim without closing your windows or messing up your layout. Like Bclose.vim, but rewritten and well maintained.
vim  plugin  close  window  pane  persistent  maintain  persistence  layout  file 
february 2018 by ebouchut

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