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My Interview with Brian Wilson of at .
We talk about and…
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4 weeks ago by randyhilarski
Greg Grandin - US Coup Support in Venezuela
The US assault on Venezuela has two fronts, and the both started well before Trump.

1. The first had to do with oil. Chavez, it is to be recalled, didn't just *benefit* from high oil prices. He -- his foreign policy team -- worked to make those prices high, helping to restore OPEC's effectiveness, after its near collapse following the end of the Cold War. One can certainly criticize such an oil-dependent model of development: the idea that petroleum could be used as a tax on wealthy countries to finance development and distribution. But it did have deep, deep roots in NIEO thought. The US, in response to Chavez's success, boosted oil production, pushed biofuel (all those African palm plantations that are driving poor people off their land in the Aguan and Polochic valleys in Honduras and Guatemala) and sparked the fracking revolution, and worked to peel Mexico's PEMEX away. Oil prices began to collapse around the time of Chavez's death.

2. The second had to do with politics. As many of us pointed out, the 2009 Honduran coup was the first step -- the low-hanging fruit -- in an effort to roll back the new left, especially the Lula/Chavez alliance, which seemed at the time to have a chance at establishing a counter-hegemonic project to the US (that Lula/Chavez alliance had, in 2008, managed to put down a rightwing coup in Bolivia and stop a war between Ecuador and Colombia). After Honduras, then came Paraguay, another easy pick-up, along with a few key roll-back elections, and then the jewel in the crown: Brazil.
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12 weeks ago by perich
RT : For convenient spread of earth warming carbon — in a LEED certified building no less
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january 2019 by peterhoneyman
two weeks in Panama for senior citizens - Panama City Forum - TripAdvisor
We noticed that you're using an unsupported browser. The TripAdvisor website may not display properly.We support the following browsers: Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Mac: Safari. Trips Browse all 5,051 Panama City topics » ArthurAsa Mill Valley... via Pocket
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december 2018 by basecamp
Valley of Square Trees – Anton Valley, Panama - Atlas Obscura
A small valley in panama, on the slopes of an active volcano, has trees with square trunks, for reasons that nobody quite understands.
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december 2018 by johnmfrench

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