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New Book: Aborted State? The UN Initiative and New Palestinian Junctur – TADWEEN PUBLISHING
This book examines the Palestinian UN initiative from the key perspectives of strategy and leadership; international law and statehood; US foreign policy; and representation. It also includes more recent material from the 2012 sequel to the 2011 initiative, and relevant appendices
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After the Cold War
When the Cold War ended, the PLO lost the prospect of using the Soviet-American hostilities to its own advantage. The Soviet collapse reduced the military and economic strength of the organization considerably, and its liberation strategies had to be revised (Murphy 1994). The Soviet Union started to put pressure on Yasser Arafat and other leaders in order to get the Palestinians to enter negotiations with Israel over the future of Palestine. [8] The Soviet Union did not side with Israel, but did not want continue its support for the Palestinian struggle by violent means either (Keddie 1992). This decreased the political maneuvering-space of the PLO tremendously (Niblock 1994).
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From Intifada to Intifada | News | Al Jazeera
The PLO leadership outside Palestine sought to translate the uprising into political dividends.
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A Deadly Welcome Awaits Syria’s Returning Refugees – Foreign Policy, Feb 6, 2019
s the Syrian war draws to an end and the barrel bombs stop terrorizing the country, Syrians are being encouraged to return home by the countries to which they have fled. Those who do so, however, are finding the persecution that caused them to flee has not gone away. Some Syrians who have returned have disappeared into the country’s notorious prison system, a stark reminder of the dangers the country’s former refugees face.

Foreign Policy has spoken to the relatives of two such Syrians, and activists claim there are many more. Several others, meanwhile, have been rounded up and conscripted into the army.
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Palestinian Refugees of Syria’s Yarmouk Camp: Challenges and Obstacles to Return | Arab Reform Initiative, Jan 1, 2019
In addition, the fear of arrest or detention by Syrian authorities is high. Again, this concern is shared by all Palestinians in Syria, including those who support the regime. Interviewees spoke of acquaintances who were detained simply because they had names similar to the names of men wanted by the regime and could thus be exchanged for ransoms or bribes. Others also noted the insecurity and disorder that has emerged in many areas under the control of militias hired by the regime, who exercise control over people’s daily lives.
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Palestinian suspect arrested for murder of Israeli teen Ori Ansbacher | The Times of Israel
Channel 13 said late Friday that police believe the motive for the killing was likely “nationalistic” — the term generally used for Palestinian terrorism — and that searches were being carried out in the West Bank.
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