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That Time it Rained for Two Million Years
Carnian Pluvial episode 232-234 mya
Wrangellian Eruptions - 5 million years of volcanoes (raised temperatures 3-10'F) led to 2 million years of increased rainfall, cf. Pacific Northwest. This led to annual flooding and a huge expansion of conifers and other trees. Dinosaurs were well equipped to eat tall plants (teeth, stones in stomachs), and went from 5% of fossil record to 90%.

HON: Evidence of dry period can be seen in swaths of red sandstone in sediment layer, followed by rocks (from flooding)
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African Fossils
This virtual lab showcases a spectacular collection of fossils and artifacts found mostly at Lake Turkana in East Africa. The digital collection of animals, human ancestors, as well as ancient stone tools offers a unique tool for scholars and enthusiasts to explore and interact with the collection online. It also provides an opportunity to download models for 3-D printing as well as to comment and share images of your favorite printed fossil objects on our forum. Additional
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Eiszeitkunst: Wie moderne Menschen vor 40.000 Jahren gelebt haben
Musik und bildende Kunst waren ihnen wichtig, sie machten sich Gedanken über ihren Glauben und engagierten sich für die Gemeinschaft. Es waren moderne Menschen, die vor rund 40.000 Jahren auf der Schwäbischen Alb lebten - und uns Kunstwerke und Musikinstrumente von atemberaubender Schönheit hinterlassen haben. Regina Oehler spricht darüber mit Prof. Dr. Nicholas Conard aus Tübingen.


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