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In the Wake
Being topside is a struggle for them both. At least Dean and Benny still have each other.
spn  non-au  pairing:Dean/Benny  character:Benny  character:Dean  genre:PWP  genre:schmoop  bottom!Dean  kink:rough-sex  season_8  1.000-5.000 
october 2019 by somersault1509
Dean’s Debutante
Character of choice has yet to present but of course does so during school and as an omega (any age is fine, from kindergarten to senior in high school, it just makes more sense to present prior to adulthood). The surrounding teachers and students proceed to celebrate this achievement by having a "breaking in assembly" of sorts where they have as many skilled alphas as possible fuck the new omega and show them their new place in society, also using it as a good teaching tool for the other students.

The thing is, in this world, omegas 100% ARE mindless sluts once presented and absolutely adore the rough treatment and whatever perverse things an alpha wants to do to them as their only thought is "sex" and "pleasing alpha." It doesn't click right away, though, which is what the breaking in is for, to trigger that part of the brain to better acclimate the new omega.

Basically just wanted to read something rough and dirty, so add as many extra kinks as you like (just no scat or blood play)!
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/michael  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/benny  kink:underage  kink:omega!dean  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:alpha!michael  kink:alpha!castiel  kink:alpha!benny  kink:bottom!dean  kink:public-display  kink:public-sex  kink:underage!voyeur  kink:cunnilingus  kink:spanking  kink:lactation  kink:squirting  kink:spitroasting  kink:face-fucking  kink:come-eating  kink:knotting  kink:come-hungry  kink:gangbang  kink:double-penetration  kink:object-insertion  WIP:finished  WIP:finished!1910 
october 2019 by spnkink_meme
Do It
Dean, Benny and Cas are making their way through Purgatory when Dean brushes by a plant... few hours later he's feeling strange and can't work out what he needs.

Then he gets horny, but doesn't say anything to Cas and Benny because he's Dean Winchester and he can deal with it by himself.

Except he finds himself weak, collapsing to the ground and in his semi-conscious haze is humping a tree root and trying to get off.

Benny and Cas try and work out what's wrong and Dean begs them to fuck him.

So they do. Benny settles Dean on his lap, pulling his legs back, and Cas uses his spit slick fingers to finger Dean open. Dean fusses, needing Cas' cock now and so Castiel presses in, and it hurts Dean, and he cries a little and Benny soothes him as much as he can until Dean passes out from several orgasms.

Benny and Cas protecting him through the night and making sure whatever it is has gone from Dean's system with one last fuck each.

fill on AO3
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/benny  kink:dub-con  kink:fuck-or-die  kink:spit-as-lube  kink:rough-sex  kink:hurt!dean  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:bottom!dean  kink:top!castiel  kink:top!benny  kink:purgatory 
october 2019 by spnkink_meme
The Secret Of The Willow Kiss
Look, he's not proud of it but Dean's been tied up and held down and treated rough for info or kicks so much that these days he's more than a little turned on by it. He might as well get something out of it, right?

And maybe when things are quiet he visits a certain place and pays for a little role play.

The dom is happy to play with Dean, loves watching him tied down, shirt and pants open, cock curved hard and flushed as he gets water boarded or his nipples are twisted or his balls squeezed just right.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/benny  kink:bdsm  kink:spanking  kink:belt-whipping  kink:bottom!dean  kink:top!benny 
september 2018 by spnkink_meme
Breeding Rut
Omegas don’t mate for life. When an Omega goes into heat, what they want is a lot of Alphas competing, trying to be the one that successfully breeds them. So, they do their best to attract a whole gangbang, each Alpha trying his best to fuck the last Alpha’s come out and be the one to successfully impregnate the Omega, stopping their heat. It can be very dangerous and messy, with Alphas fighting each other for the next chance to try and breed the Omega, maybe bystanders getting hurt.

Of course, society has tried to come up with ways to make the whole process less disruptive. Every town of any size has a special park outside town that is set aside just for Omega breeding frenzies. That way, only people who want to get involved with the frenzies are, no kids can see the public breedings, etc.

Dean goes into heat and decides this time, instead of taking a suppressant or toughing it out by not getting bred at all, he’s going to go to the breeding park and get as many alphas as he can. He goes and has himself a good old time, loving the whole process, especially seeing the Alphas fight among themselves for the privilege of fucking him. He doesn’t leave the park until his heat is satisfied and he’s pretty sure that he’s pregnant, just like he wanted.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/benny  kink:gangbang  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:omega!dean  kink:breeding  kink:heat  kink:knotting  kink:bottom!dean  kink:rough-sex  kink:public-sex  WIP:1809 
september 2018 by spnkink_meme
Small Bills
Wake up or go deeper. (It's so dangerous to wake a deep sleeper.)

A vid about Benny, Dean, and all the spaces in between.

[song: "Small Bill$" by Regina Spektor]
vid  fandom:spn  pairing:dean/benny  vidder:cherryice 
august 2018 by septiemestar
So this is what it feels like, Dean thinks. Having a future.

After the crypt, Dean takes a minute to clear his head. That breather - Dean and Benny on a road trip, as the country crawls by in a never-ending sprawl of diners and roadside attractions and museum brochures and ticket stubs - changes everything that follows.
fic  fandom:spn  pairing:dean/benny  author:cherryice  rating:pg13  note:au  note:oc  note:lgbtissues  length:10000-24999 
august 2018 by septiemestar
Every once in awhile Dean is reminded that human monsters are every bit as dangerous as the supernatural variety...perhaps even more.
spn  au  pairing:Dean/Benny  character:Dean  character:Benny  character:Sam  character:OMCs  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:schmoop  kidnapped!Dean  hurt!Dean  vulnerable!Dean  drugged!Dean  protective!Benny  author:littlesparrow69  1.000-5.000 
january 2018 by somersault1509
Request: Dean/Monsters, Dean/Benny, Dean/Castiel, bottom!Dean, dubcon, mpreg, transformation, h/c
As not only the first human to step foot in Purgatory but also someone who was bitten by Eve herself, Dean's body begins to change soon after he arrives. As a result of that transformation he is able to get pregnant so he starts going into heats and attracting monsters.

By the time he experiences the symptoms of his first heat he and Benny are already together but Benny is one of those monsters that can't reproduce. Dean realizes he's going to have to mate with others so he and Benny agree that he'll be there watching and ready to protect him. After the mating they kill the monsters (sometimes together but Dean prefers to take care of it himself because he's still a bamf).

Benny is protective and caring during Dean's pregnancies and respects that Dean still wants to find his friend Cas. What Benny doesn't know yet is that Cas is Dean's ex for whom Dean still has feelings for (on top of the ones he has for Benny). When they find Cas he joins Benny in keeping watch during Dean's heats and looking after him later, as well as helping him with the births. And there's of course some additional angst when they find out angels can't successfully mate with humans either (in their unique situation at least).

It's also okay if whoever fills this alters it and has Cas be with them earlier than in the show. As long as the basic premise of Dean wandering Purgatory with his protective boyfriends but having no choice but to constantly mate with monsters is intact then I'm good.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/benny  transformation  hurt/comfort  mpreg  dubcon  pairing:dean/omd(s) 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Scenic Route
Back from Purgatory, Benny is struggling to keep his bloodlust in check. Until Dean has the idea to put him in a cock cage and keep the key... Benny hates every second of it, but has to grudgingly admit that it helps.

And they both enjoy that, whenever they meet and Dean releases him for a night, Benny gets to take his pent-up frustration out on his friend with some brutally rough sex.

Extra love for dom!bottom!Dean and Benny drinking Dean's blood while they fuck.

Offsite fill here:
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/benny  kink:top!benny  kink:bottom!dean  kink:cock-cage  kink:chastity-device  kink:blood-drinking  kink:rough-sex  kink:topping-from-the-bottom  kink:plug  kink:public-sex 
september 2017 by spnkink_meme
REQUEST: Benny/Dean, (+ optional Dean/Cas), BDSM, sub!Dean, trust
Dean loves to let Benny tie him up and hurt him (maybe even drink his blood?) and trusts him completely not to violate any boundaries or lose control of his vampire instincts.

Up to you, but there could also be background Dean/Cas (established or UST) and Cas gets angry with Dean for gambling his life on trusting a vampire like that, not understanding that it is about a lot more than just sex for Dean, and that Benny is the only person who has never disappointed him.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/benny  pairing:dean/castiel  bdsm  sub!Dean  dom!Castiel  dom!Benny 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Just Another Word
After an argument with Sam, Dean hits the road. Luckily for him, Benny's waiting at the other end of it.
spn  non-au  pairing:Dean/Benny  character:Dean  character:Benny  genre:PWP  genre:angst  bottom!Dean  kink:rough-sex  season_8  1.000-5.000 
june 2017 by somersault1509
REQUEST: sub!Dean/sub!Cas, vibrators, nipple play
For whatever reason, sub!Dean and sub!Cas hate one another. Their doms, Benny and Cain (or any other SPN men), want to be play partners and decide to nip this antagonism in the bud. They strap Dean and Cas onto Sybians, connect their nipples with a short chain, and tie their hands behind one another's necks. In the beginning, they snipe at each other and try to stay as far apart as possible. However, as the scene develops, they learn to cooperate, helping each other through punishments (maybe one calling yellow for the other sub during an intense moment?) and finishing out the session trading sloppy kisses and coaxing the other through one last orgasm. Would love some cuddling at the end!
Please no real noncon, dubcon only in a BDSM context (ie safewording is always an option), no watersports, scat, or bloodplay. The doms aren't *really* going for a punishment, just showing their subs that they really can get along with a thorough demonstration. ;)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/benny  pairing:castiel/cain  kink:vibrators  toys  nippleplay  bondage  bdsm  pairing:dean/cain  pairing:castiel/benny  au  sub!Dean  sub!Castiel  dom!Benny  dom!Cain 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Through The Backwood
It’s been a long time since he’s been down in the bayou. Reminds him of Purgatory, in a way. Could just be the task that’s brought him down here, but he thinks there’s more to it.
spn  au  pairing:Dean/Benny  character:Dean  character:Benny  character:OFC  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  hurt!Dean  season_11  season_12  springfling  1.000-5.000 
april 2017 by somersault1509
Omega Education
For Omegas, sex ed classes are very hands on with actual physical demonstrations. For instance, an Alpha knots an Omega in front of the class. The young Omegas are encouraged to come close and see what's going on, maybe put their hands on the inflated knot of an Alpha or maybe get some Alpha come in their mouth. Anything goes really.

Dean (11-13) is very curious but also holds back from shyness. He doesn't want to admit he doesn't know much about sex. Dean's teacher, an Alpha of your choice, decides that Dean needs to stay after class for extra credit/tutoring. In sex. Dean ends up not just getting to hold an Alpha knot in his hands, but with that Alpha knot buried deep in his omega pussy, his belly full of come, inflating until it's nice and round.

Dean ends up pregnant, of course. Up to you if the teacher decides to mate Dean, but happy endings are nice.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/benny  kink:underage  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:alpha!benny  kink:omega!dean  kink:mpreg  kink:knotting  kink:mating  kink:come-eating  kink:inflation  kink:sex-ed  kink:bottom!dean  kink:top!benny  via:spnkink_meme 
january 2017 by thespankbankjob
John takes Dean to be fitted for a bra and skirt and the salesperson takes the opportunity to check out the goods.

John can watch or not be present at all. Sales clerk can be a man or a woman, original or known character.

Dean should be no younger than 12. (am fine with genderswap as well).

Can be A/B/O if nonnie prefers.

The only small stipulation I have is that if you go with Benny as the clerk...that you not make it creepy or mean.

And I am A-Okay with an OMC.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/benny  pairing:john/dean  kink:underage  kink:incest  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:omega!dean  kink:alpha!benny  kink:alpha!john  kink:fondling  kink:breast-play  kink:fingering  kink:bottom!dean  kink:bottom:dean  via:spnkink_meme 
january 2017 by thespankbankjob
Fourteen year old Dean is a newly presented Alpha. He should be happy, right? That's the gender to be, with all the perks and rights. So why is he so unhappy. He should be grateful as hell he didn't present Omega, who are second class citizens, treated better than pets, but without rights to own property, vote, drive, etc.

Not enough Omegas naturally occur, so its a common practice to turn some of the young Alphas while they're freshly presented and still malleable. It's done by forcing a lot of alpha semen into the young Alpha or in recent years, a combination of hormone shots and semen. It's considered the worst thing to do, short of murder, to turn a young Alpha like that. However that, never stops it from happening. The shots are illegal but available. Almost no one who turns an Alpha gets turned in. Of those few turned in, almost no one gets convicted.

Dean gets cornered by a group of older boys in the locker room and before he knows even to fight back, he's suddenly injected with three large doses of hormone shots, which is enough to turn him permanently Omega, even before the boys rape him. Before the next period is over, Dean is permanently Omega. Oh, he's got several weeks of body changes in front of him, but it's inevitable. Before the end of the day, his chest is swelling with breasts, which are filling with milk, due to the high hormone levels. His knot is gone and his balls are shrinking.

John can't bear to look at his destroyed Alpha son even and turns him over to Omega Protective Services where Dean is registered and collared, then shipped off to a group home for young turned Alphas (it's very common for parents to abandon their turned children). Dean figures he's due for the worst- whippings, training, dehumanization, castration, etc.

Actually, it's kind of awesome. Dean finds he's very much happy to be an Omega. His body seems right to him now. He likes the lacey panties they wear. He likes being pampered. He likes the stability of the home he's sent to. Yes, the home ec classes kind of suck and yes, there is some sexual training. but the teachers are very gentle and the training is more about how to get pleasure as an Omega than how to please an Alpha. And Dean has one dedicated instructor (Cas maybe?) whose job it is to encourage his lactation and suckle on his new Omega breasts all the time.

Or in short, Dean learns to love to be knotted and nursed on, an ideal Omega really. Eventually, Dean is mated to an Alpha who loves and values him. The thing that was supposed to be the worst thing that ever happened to him turned out to be the best thing.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/benny  pairing:dean/benny  pairing:castiel/michael  pairing:dean/michael  pairing:dean/castiel/michael  kink:underage  kink:non-con  kink:mpreg  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  kink:omega!dean  kink:omega!castiel  kink:alpha!benny  kink:alpha!michael  kink:panties  kink:milking  kink:nursing  kink:toys  kink:knotting  kink:come-play  kink:come-marking  kink:marking  kink:come-inflation  kink:bottom!dean  kink:bottom!castiel  kink:pregnant!dean  kink:pregnant!castiel  WIP:finished 
december 2016 by spnkink_meme
Repost: Dean/Benny, knotting, top!Dean, teacher Benny, abo

Benny has worked hard to become a high school teacher. He's the first Omega teacher ever at his high school. Dean is a young Alpha who has just popped his knot for the first time and becomes enamored with Benny. He decides to pursue Benny and get inside Benny's virgin Omega pussy.

Benny resists, but Dean is charming and cocky and smells amazing. Before too long, they're having a secret affair, meeting in the back of Benny's camper truck so Dean can knot him. Eventually, Benny ends up pregnant, of course.

It's not like they can mate (not now anyways), but with the same determination that got him the teaching job in the first place, Benny keeps his job and has his baby on his own. Dean helps out as he can (John and Mary think its so sweet that Dean volunteers to babysit for that nice teacher that got himself in trouble). Their affair continues, though much, much more carefully, with birth control this time) and eventually, after Dean graduates and gets a job, they mate and have their second child.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/benny  knotting  top!Dean  bottom!Benny  teacher/student  omega!Benny  alpha!Dean  fps  au  alpha/beta/omega 
december 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/MC (Cas, Crowley or Benny), CBT and aftermath, pain kink, anal, optional humiliation
Dean wakes up the morning after an intense (but fully consensual!) CBT session to his partner getting frisky again, kissing and fondling his sore, abused genitals and prepping his ass.

I'd love detailed descriptions of Dean seeing and feeling the marks (bruises, bites, lash/cane stripes etc) left on him (focus should be on his cock and balls, but I certainly wouldn't mind rope burn/cuff abrasions around his wrists and other visible/painful effects of bondage and rough sex either) and remembering how they were inflicted and how good it felt.

Some mild dub-con would be nice for this, with Dean half turned on, half ashamed by the memories and unsure if he wants to go again now that he doesn't have the nice, floaty subspace feeling from the night before cushioning him, and his partner overriding his reluctance, because he knows Dean is prone to second-guessing his own desires.

Optional, but I'd also really enjoy some humiliation kink here: Dean's partner talking dirty about the pretty marks on Dean's body and how he begged for them, what a slut he is for pain, how easily he submits to being hurt and used etc. (Not in a genuinely awful way, though: Dean's partner knows Dean is kinked for the right kind of shame and loves giving it to him. He doesn't want him to actually feel bad. Unless you pick Crowley. I can see him being somewhat nasty about it.)

Maybe some soft cock kink as well? Dean's cock and balls are bruised and swollen and in so much pain that he can't get hard and his partner uses that to shame him? And maybe Dean normally doesn't admit he likes anal sex and pretends to endure it for his partner's sake, but now, with his genitals all but useless when it comes to feeling pleasure, he still gets off like crazy while getting fucked in the ass, and his partner delights in proving to him that he actually enjoys bottoming and can easily come from prostate stimulation alone.

As a variation, I could also see Dean having two lovers, and the one waking him up being separate from the one who scened with him the night before. In that case, I'd love a lot of sloppy seconds kink, and dirty talk focussing on how slutty Dean is for letting someone else mark and use him. (And Dean loving it even while he squirms with embarrassment.)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/crowley  pairing:dean/benny  cbt  pain  analsex  fucking  humiliation 
november 2016 by Mayalaen

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