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In Which We Create A Supernova Together
Sam's a little drunk. Brady might be, too. The two of them learn something.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Brady/Sam  romantic  fandom:Supernatural 
november 2016 by casey679
Disintegration (series)
[Safiyabat] This series explores the deterioration of the family ties within the Winchester family between Sam's departure for Stanford and the series pilot. An attempt is made to explore the lives of all three Winchesters, exploring the reasons for the changes that take place in familial relationships over this three and a half year period. (Master Post)
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Brady/Sam  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  A+parenting:Winchester  abused!Sam  angst  asshole!Dean  asshole!John  BAMF!Sam  depressed!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  powers!Sam  protective!Pastor-Jim  protective!Sam  psychic!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tw:child-abuse  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:suicide  verse:Disintegration  fandom:Supernatural  length:200K+ 
december 2015 by casey679
Things that Sam's already received from his brother include: a flyer from a strip club, a temporary tattoo of a bulldog, and a mysterious yet clean sock. He imagines Dean shoving things into an empty cereal box from the back seat of the car, slapping on a few stamps, and sending it off on a post-hunt high, thinking, I'm alive, I should probably let Sam know.
angst  bottom!Sam  case!fic  protective!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Brady/Sam  fandom:Supernatural 
june 2015 by casey679
College Daze
[SPNkink-meme] Sam rushes Brady's fraternity at Stanford. Brady is there to help Sam fulfill his potential as the frat's in-house slut. Unfinished WIP, but hot as far as it goes.
bottom!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  pairing:Brady/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:feminization  kink:bondage  kink:exhibitionism  kink:sex-toys  kink:voyeurism  kink:D/s  tw:dub/non-con 
march 2015 by casey679
Tempting Sin
[blackrose_17] Dean Winchester rules New York City's underground and always gets what he wants. When he lays eyes on the newest dancer at his club, a sweet little omega named Sam Campbell, he knows that Sam is meant to be his and nothing and no one will stop him from claiming his omega. Sam never had much luck in love; his one and only boyfriend used him and then dumped him like trash. So when Dean starts to court him, Sam surprises everyone when he's the one who seduces the playboy alpha.
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Bars-&-Strip-Clubs  AU:Mobster  AU:Unrelated  A+parenting:Campbell  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Castiel/Meg  pairing:Jess/Ruby  pairing:Brady/Sam  pairing:Benny/Jo  pairing:Gabriel/Lucifer  alpha!Benny  alpha!Castiel  alpha!Dean  animal-shelter!Sam  asshole!Brady  bottom!Sam  daddy/guardian!Dean  daddy/guardian!Sam  doctor!Jo  kink:breeding  kink:knotting  manager!Meg  mobster!Benny  mobster!Castiel  mobster!Dean  mpreg!Sam  omega!Jess  omega!Meg  omega!Sam  possessive!Dean  protective!Jess  shy/insecure!Sam  stripper!Sam  student!Sam  trope:magic-bond  tw:prejudice/discrimination  fandom:Supernatural  length:20K-25K 
february 2015 by casey679

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a+parenting:campbell  a+parenting:winchester  abused!sam  alpha!benny  alpha!castiel  alpha!dean  angst  animal-shelter!sam  asshole!brady  asshole!dean  asshole!john  au:abo-dynamics  au:bars-&-strip-clubs  au:canon/timeline-change  au:mobster  au:stanford-era  au:unrelated  bamf!sam  bottom!dean  bottom!sam  case!fic  daddy/guardian!dean  daddy/guardian!sam  demon!dean  depressed!sam  doctor!jo  dom!jess  dragon!dean  evil!jess  fandom:supernatural  hurt!dean  hurt!sam  kidnapped!dean  kidnapped!sam  kink:bdsm  kink:bestiality  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:breath-play  kink:breeding  kink:d/s  kink:demon-blood  kink:dirty-talk  kink:drug-use  kink:exhibitionism  kink:feminization  kink:knotting  kink:medical  kink:mindbreak  kink:praise  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:training/conditioning  kink:voyeurism  kink:watersports  length:15k-20k  length:200k+  length:20k-25k  length:5k-10k  manager!meg  mobster!benny  mobster!castiel  mobster!dean  mpreg!dean  mpreg!sam  omega!jess  omega!meg  omega!sam  pairing:benny/jo  pairing:brady/sam/omc(s)  pairing:castiel/meg  pairing:crowley/sam  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/sam  pairing:gabriel/lucifer  pairing:jess/ruby  pairing:lucifer/sam  pairing:meg/sam  pairing:ruby/sam  pairing:sam/jess  pairing:sam/ofc(s)  pairing:sam/omc(s)  possessed!sam  possessive!dean  powers!sam  protective!brady  protective!dean  protective!jess  protective!pastor-jim  protective!sam  psychic!sam  romantic  shy/insecure!sam  stockholm-syndrome  stripper!sam  student!sam  sub!sam  suicidal!sam  touch-starved!sam  trope:magic-bond  trope:sex-magic  tw:child-abuse  tw:dub/non-con  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:suicide  verse:disintegration  verse:special-breeds 

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