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Nothing Matters When We're Dancing - gollumgollum - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(8354 words)
Additional Tags: Schmoop, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Arthur had always guessed that sex (and all its attendant goings on) with Eames would be good. He'd just never counted on it being so much <i>fun.</i> Written for <a href="">this awesome prompt on the Inception Kink Meme</a>.
fandom:inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:friends-to-lovers  Plot:cuddling  Plot:hurt/comfort  Plot:schmoop  A:gollumgollum 
yesterday by elizaria
High Hopes - ester_inc - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(36709 words) Rating: Explicit
Summary: Arthur at seventeen is not the same as Arthur at twenty-nine; Eames is one of the few people to have met Arthur at both ages. Some days, Arthur thinks that if he could go back in time and smack some sense into his teenage self, he would. A story about lust, love, and the years between.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  A:ester_inc  Plot:pining  Plot:de-virginize  Plot:pre-canon 
3 days ago by elizaria
In Our Line of Work - enjambament - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(15752 words) Additional Tags: Pining, it was all a dream, Arthur-centric
Summary: <p>Arthur wakes up and realizes the last ten years of his life have been a dream. He is nineteen, and he can barely remember where he is. What he can remember is the ghost of Eames’ hands pressed down on his chest trying frantically to stop the blood flooding up around his fingers as Arthur died (as he woke up).

Old link
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  A:enjambament/linckia_blue  Plot:pining  Plot:established_relationship  Plot:looking_for_missing_person/s  Plot:grief/loss 
3 days ago by elizaria
Inception: Origins 'verse (Military Backstory) - laceymcbain - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(67 113 words) Exploring Arthur and Eames' backstory in the military where they each lead an elite unit in the dream-sharing trials. The Powers That Be would prefer to keep the participants in the dark, but Arthur and Eames find each other, fall in love, and change dream-sharing forever.

Additional Tags: Origins, Backstory, Military, First Meetings, Banter, Friendship, Friendship/Love

Summary: The story of how Eames and Arthur meet is one of the great legends of the dream-sharing profession.

In it, there's a dark alley, a foreign country, a bar, a punch in the face, a loaded die, a poker chip, a three-piece suit, and a kiss. Not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily all the time.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  A:laceymcbain  series  Plot:dadt(dont-ask-dont-tell)  Plot:cops/military  Plot:hurt/comfort  Plot:pining 
3 days ago by elizaria
-INCEPTION- Black Jack (1/2): mami_san — LiveJournal
Part 1/2
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eventual Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13

Note 1: This is part of the PERFECT RECALL timeline, but you don't need to read that story to understand this one (or vice versa). Black Jack starts roughly six years earlier and follows the evolution of Arthur & Eames' working relationship up til the Inception job.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:pre-slash  Plot:friendship  A:mami_san  series 
4 days ago by elizaria
-INCEPTION- Perfect Recall (part 1/4): mami_san — LiveJournal
Part 1/4
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eventual Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Warnings: Graphic violence, torture, non-con situations. Please, if you are squicked by any of this, don't read it.

Inspired by this prompt over at inception_kink : While on a job, the target gets way too interested in Arthur. Long story short, unwilling!Arthur has to seduce/submit to the target in order to succeed with the mission.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:pre-slash  Plot:angst  Plot:mystery/crime  A:mami_san  series 
4 days ago by elizaria
-INCEPTION- Sleep Debt (end): mami_san — LiveJournal
Part 5/5 (end)
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eventual Arthur/Eames
Rating: kind of NC-17ish

Note: This is part of the PERFECT RECALL timeline, but you don't need to read that story to understand this one (or vice versa). Stories in chronological order: Black Jack, Perfect Recall, Sleep Debt.

Part One was back here.
Part Two was here.
Part Three was here.
Part Four was here.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:hurt/comfort  Plot:friends-to-lovers  Plot:angst  A:mami_san  series 
4 days ago by elizaria
the rebel french - green_postit - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(33812 words) Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Violence, Abuse
Summary: Arthur barely registers the bullet through his knee. It's the second bullet that does it: hits him square in the chest, takes him clean off his feet.

Arthur is a cop, getting shot hunting Cobbs'-as-art-thieves. He survives but takes up Saito-the-art-owner's offer to work security for him in Paris. Where Arthur meets Eames-the-mime. It's a meet-ugly turning into a messy NC-17 thing between them. Also Fischer is Eames weirdly acting flatmate..
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:fuckbuddies  Plot:misunderstandings  A:green_postit/primavera 
6 days ago by elizaria
Perfection, 1/1: whiskyrunner — LiveJournal
Title: Perfection
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Words: ~6000
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Arthur's a virgin. Eames is baffled.
Author's Note: Written for this prompt: Arthur is a virgin (it's a cliche and I don't care) and that's why he always shoots Eames down. He's afraid he'll be terrible in bed and ruin his chance for true love. Eames finds out and decides to prove Arthur is perfect anyway. 
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:de-virginize  Plot:firsttime-sex(as-pairing)  A:whiskyrunner 
6 days ago by elizaria
The Cat and The Fiddle - Nellie - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(10720 words)
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Catboys & Catgirls, Frottage, Blow Jobs
Summary: When an experiment goes awry Arthur ends up with ears, tail, and a few other inconvenient feline traits.

aka The Cat and the Fiddle by butterflythread/cthonical
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  A:cthonical/nellie  Plot:chars_as_creatures 
6 days ago by elizaria
welcome to vegas - versy - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(4738 words)
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Loss of Virginity
Summary: On a family trip to Las Vegas, a bored Arthur decides it’s time to lose his virginity and Eames, the stranger a few tables over, is the man to help him.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:de-virginize  A:versy  series 
6 days ago by elizaria
Five Times Eames Was (Shockingly) A Gentleman - deepsix - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(2712 words)
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Drunkenness, Kink Meme
Summary: Five times Eames was (shockingly) a gentleman and ignored Arthur's sloppy-drunk advances, and the one time Arthur finally got fed up enough to just jump him sober.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:drunk  Plot:pining  A:deepsix 
6 days ago by elizaria
The Habit of Countless Years - laceymcbain - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(10950 words) Rating: Mature Relationships: Arthur/Eames Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Developing Relationship, Angst and Humor, Pre-Canon, Post-Canon, Injury, Friendship, Backstory, Secret Relationship, Slash, Sharing a Bed, Humor, Secrets Summary: They've made a habit of this: the late night knock, the doorbell lean, the quickly picked lock. Turning up in one another's spaces unannounced, though not unwelcome. The promise of sanctuary has been there as long as they've known each other, which is longer than most people realize and much longer than they'll admit to. In which Arthur and Eames have always relied on each other to keep one important secret.
Fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  Plot:hurt/comfort  Plot:friends-to-lovers  A:laceymcbain 
7 days ago by elizaria
Amuse-Bouche - bauble - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames is a superstar pop singer and provocateur. After saving Eames from a 30-foot-high deflating balloon shaped like an radish, Arthur is hired to be Eames' personal bodyguard for his summer concert tour. In between the sold-out concerts and crazed fans, Arthur discovers not only the real person underneath the zany costumes, but also how to fall in love.

Amuse-bouche: a French phrase which translates literally to "mouth amuser." It is a bite-sized hors d'oeuvre served at the beginning of the meal meant to excite a guest's taste-buds as well as provide a preview of a chef's culinary style.
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:bauble  length:50k+  *au 
11 days ago by starkandspangle
Hold It Close and Keep It Here - cherrybina - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur's in the hospital, and only family is allowed to visit.
Eames thanks her politely, never taking his eyes off Arthur. Once she’s gone, Arthur expects Eames to drop the act, but his forehead is still creased with tension, and his lips curled down in a frown. It throws Arthur off and he scowls at Eames.

“You can go,” Arthur says, suddenly feeling irritated.

Eames’ expression doesn’t change. “Do you want me to leave?”

Arthur rolls his eyes and looks away, but doesn’t reply.

They sit in silence for a moment, Eames fiddling with the side rail of the bed while Arthur tries to adjust his blankets without yanking too hard on his IV.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what happened?” Arthur asks after a few minutes.

“You’ll tell me eventually,” Eames says with a shrug, “And if not, I have my sources.” He’s smiling now, but there’s something sinister beneath the surface. Arthur has known Eames long enough to know exactly what some of his sources are capable of.

“It’s not a very good story,” Arthur says with a weak chuckle, “Since it ends with me taking a bullet.”
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:cherrybina  length:0-5k 
12 days ago by starkandspangle
How Do You Talk to a Point Man - eleveninches - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
After all this time, Arthur has too much pride to simply ask Eames to have sex with him. A story in which the job isn't always glamourous, Cobb thinks Arthur makes poor life decisions, and Eames steals everything (including, maybe, Arthur's heart).
At LAX, several hours later, Arthur watched Cobb walk through the arrivals terminal a free man. Then he headed for his connecting flight to Vegas. He was checking his email on his phone when he bumped into Eames buying a coffee at Starbucks.

"You have an iPhone?" Eames demanded, snatching it out of Arthur's hands, coffee forgotten. He scrolled through Arthur's email. "Bloody hell, are all these from your mum?"

"Eames, give it back," Arthur said angrily.

Eames smirked. "What will you give me for it?"

Arthur started to walk away, but Eames called, "Hold on."

He turned.

"You can have it back if you give me your number," Eames said.

"I don't give this number to people I work with," said Arthur, but Eames just looked at him, and for an instant, Arthur felt reckless. He took a pen out of his bag and wrote his number on Eames's palm. Then he took his phone back and headed for his gate.
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:eleveninches  length:5-10k 
14 days ago by starkandspangle
A Little Foolishness and a Lot of Curiosity - eleveninches - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames has got Arthur all wrong, but he's too busy trying to hit that to notice.
"So it's just the two of you? How tedious. You must be so bored."

Eames stiffened. "What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry, but he's just so vapid. He's excellent at his job, but there's not much else to him."

"He's not like that," Eames said defensively. "He's-- he's lovely, actually--"

"Oh, Eames," Yusuf said, but he didn't sound sympathetic in the least, "blinded by a pretty face."

"You don't know what you're on about," Eames snapped.

And suddenly, everything that had been puzzling him about Arthur fell into place. The rumour of Arthur being Cobb's hired muscle. The way Arthur never took part in intellectual conversations. How he asked Eames a million stupid questions. His love of objectively terrible shows and films, and his dislike of anything he perceived as complicated. His now blatant confusion over Eames' romantic voicemails and quotes. The way he grilled them over and over during the planning stages of each job with that slightly confused look on his face, writing everything down. All the times he'd heard someone call Arthur stupid and thought it was just jealousy.

Arthur didn't read books. Arthur didn't speak a single language other than his mother tongue. Arthur worked twice has hard as everyone else in the business.

Arthur hadn't been disinterested from the start. Arthur was thick.
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:eleveninches  length:5-10k 
14 days ago by starkandspangle
Seventeen - eleveninches - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
For the kink meme prompt: For a job, Arthur has to go undercover at an all-boys' boarding school, which means he has to wear a uniform. (This being Arthur, he has it tailored, of course). Sometimes, he heads straight to wherever the team's headquarter are after classes to continue research.
Eames slid one hand under the book and curled it around Arthur's thigh as he bent his head, as if he really was studying the page. His hand was big and thick, easily spanning the width of Arthur's thigh, and Arthur's breath stuck in his throat.

"'Give the present subjunctive of the verb vouloir,'" he read, stroking Arthur's outer thigh with his thumb. Arthur's leg twitched before he could help it.

"Eames, what are you doing?" Arthur asked. He was glad to hear his voice was steady. He didn't know what kind of game Eames was playing, but it wasn't funny.

On the other hand, at least Arthur finally had confirmation Eames was attracted to him.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Eames asked, still studying the book. His hand stayed exactly where it was.

Arthur was thrown. "Of course I have," he said, frowning. "I'm twenty-nine."

Eames raised his head and gave him a pointed look, and a lightbulb went off in Arthur's head.

"Oh, come on," Arthur groaned. He gestured to his uniform. "After all this time, this is what--?"

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Eames repeated, slower this time, like Arthur was the freak here.

"No, I'm seventeen, and I've never had a boyfriend," Arthur said tonelessly.
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:eleveninches  length:0-5k 
14 days ago by starkandspangle
I Want Your Psycho - toomuchplor - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames would gladly welcome comparisons to other dashing bearded men, but Eames rarely gets what he wants when it comes to Arthur.
Sweat gathers under whiskers and then prickles in the cold. Eames feels like he can’t wash his face long enough at the end of the day, much to Cobb’s consternation. Between Eames’ ablutions and Arthur’s hilariously involved moisturisation regime, Cobb spends upwards of thirty minutes waiting his turn to brush his teeth and have a wee each night.

“Sorry,” Eames says, emerging from the loo and pinching an empty smile in Cobb’s direction.

“You know, you guys really aren’t helping break down the homosexual stereotypes here,” Cobb says, hastening past Eames, all but grabbing his bits in his hurry to reach the toilet.

“I have combination skin,” Arthur yells from his place on the couch, and then looks up at Eames. “My T-zone doesn’t do well in all this humidity,” he adds in a more moderated voice, as though he truly expects Eames to sympathise, Eames with the itchiest most infuriating full beard known to mankind, suffering through a tropical heatwave.

“Cobb’s right, you’re kind of appallingly gay,” Eames tells him.
fandom:Inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:toomuchplor  length:5-10k 
14 days ago by starkandspangle

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