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Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – Incumbents on customer engagement – Daily Fintech
The Theme last week was InsurTech Upstarts at the Gate. The Theme this week is incumbents exploring better customer engagement. Customer engagement can be improved with the combination of technologies and a human touch.
insurtech  front  page  week 
2 days ago by marshallk
Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – InsurTech Upstarts at the Gate – Daily Fintech
The Theme last week was China opening up its insurance market. The Theme this week is InsurTech Upstarts at the Gate. The end of 2018 is coming.
insurtech  front  page  week 
9 days ago by marshallk
How To Track Single Page Web App with Google Tag Manager - Analytics Mania
But when it comes to single page websites (or web applications), the default tracking stops working. Regardless of what does the user/visitor does on your website, only one page view is tracked. Does this situation sound familiar?

Why does this happen?

In this blog post, I’ll explain how to track Single Page Web App with Google Tag Manager (Single Page Websites are also included!).
gtm  ga  googleanalytics  analytics  google  tagmanager  single  page  react  js  angular  reactjs  dynamic  web  app  tracking  history  change  historychange  trigger  url 
10 days ago by 44sunsets
prusnak/ GitHub Pages for
GitHub Pages for Contribute to prusnak/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
jekyll  github  page 
11 days ago by ianweatherhogg
hacker-news-undocumented readme
some useful hn tips, especially features
page  hacker-news 
12 days ago by cldwalker
How To Create a Hero Image ;20181202-2309 ;;; ;20181202-2303 ;;; ;;;
tags: w3schools css html landing page fullscreen or hero image and1 howto adjust location of text and clickAble button ;;;
w3schools  css  html  landing  page  fullscreen  or  hero  image  and1  howto  adjust  location  of  text  and  button  clickAble  sampleCode 
12 days ago by neerajsinghvns

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