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An Historical Overview of the Whereabounts of Gnomes and Elves, Fauns and Faeries, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls and Bogies, Nymphs, Sprites and Dryads, Past and Present
These early days, when man was but a newly arrived dinner guest who hadn’t yet taken over the house, are fairly well documented in the literature and folklore of the world, so there’s no need to go into it here. What I am interested in, and what I am asking you to be interested in, is the question, “Where did all the gnomes, elves, faeries, etc. go?”
7 weeks ago by elfwreck
Pagan terminology for nonpagan writers
Every one of these terms has been the subject of debate and controversy; with a bit of time, I could probably scrounge up a link to an online screaming match about the exact meaning of every one of these terms. (So when I say a term is "controversial?" That means the average never-heard-it-before person could Google for those controversies. Nonpagans are not likely to be able to find the debates on the differences between a "stang" and a "staff.")
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8 weeks ago by elfwreck
Dragon's Wheel Teaching Tradition
Witchcraft, within the Dragon Clan tradition described in this book, is a way of life. That includes religious aspects, craft and spellwork, research into other beliefs, day to day living, and personal growth. Many will argue that witchcraft is only the craft portion of what we do. Others will say that religion has no place within witchcraft. It is up to you to define just what witchcraft and witch mean to you.
paganism  wayback 
11 weeks ago by elfwreck
The Return of Paganism
Ross Douthat/The New York Times, Dec. 12, 2018.
rossdouthat  paganism 
january 2019 by markcoddington
The Pigna and the Apollo Belvedere: Two Treasures of the Vatican – The Daily Beagle
During the 18th and 19th centuries, the sculpture became one of the world’s most celebrated sculptures. It was hailed by Johann Joachim Winckelmann as the best example of the perfection of the Greek aesthetic ideal. As a result, during his Italy campaign in 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte looted it and from 1798 onward it formed part of the collection in the Louvre during the First Empire. When Napoleon fell in 1815 the Apollo was repatriated to the Vatican. The Romantic Movement was harsh to the sculpture with William Hazlitt describing it as “positively bad”, John Ruskin also wrote of his disappointment with the sculpture. In 1969 a kind of epitaph was provided by noted art historian Kenneth Clark (1903–1983):
History_of_now  ancient  Rome  Greece  vatican  art  paganism  grade_A 
december 2018 by Marcellus
On Paganism, Fakelore, and Tired Conversations about Authenticity
I am currently attending the American Academy of Religion conference, which is the largest conference of scholars of religion in the world. I’m a pretty active member of the organization, but…
lawless  sarah  paganism  fakelore  folklore  authenticity  important  occult 
november 2018 by thejaymo
Witchcraft as a Manifestation of Autistic Spectrum Traits?
1. They eschew human contact and excessive stimulus, often living in the outskirts of society.
a. They live in secluded places "outside of town".
b. They prefer to travel at night.
c. Loud noises bother them.
paganism  neurodiversity 
september 2018 by elfwreck
包慧怡 | “绿人”和提着自己脑袋的圣人
不管怎么说,由于圣徒叙事图像学中有将圣徒与其受难时的刑具画在一起的肖像传统(比如圣凯瑟琳执轮子,圣劳伦斯执烤架,圣巴多罗买执匕首),而死于砍头的圣徒又人数众多,我们今天可以在雕塑和手抄本中看到大量提着自己脑袋的基督教圣人(120位之多),他们有个共同的名字叫 “持头圣人”(cephalophores)。当然,这些圣徒肖像距离“绿人”和异教头颅神的艺术形象已相去甚远,但我们仍能看到受难、死亡与新生的主题在“头颅”中不断发展和变奏。
paganism  christianity  architecture  church  paris  explained 
september 2018 by aries1988

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