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AlefEdge taps CBRS to deploy edge computing capabilities | FierceWireless
AlefEdge deployed its software at a tower location in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The tower location includes a small data center that’s fitted with bare metal servers provided by Packet. Federated Wireless also participated in the deployment, bringing its shared spectrum controller.

The deployment is significant because it’s one of the first live deployments over CBRS spectrum for an edge computing use case.
mec  cbrs  5g  alefedge  packet  ovum 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
Wireless Capture on Windows | Packet-Foo | Network Packet Capture and Analysis
need to use WLANhelper.exe? plus broken version issue, need NPCAP 0.992 and Wireshark 3.0.1
windows  wireshark  wifi  packet  capture  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
12 weeks ago by asteroza
fmadio | Cost Effective Line Rate 10G Packet Capture to Disk
FMADIO packet capture systems are dedicated to 100% line rate 100G 40G 10G packet capture. Our secret sauce is fully in-house custom designed hardware and software from the ground up, achieving outstanding performance at excellent prices.
packet  capture  network  monitoring  netflow  hardware  vendor 
november 2019 by curiousstranger
Hackaday: NPR New Packet Radio
This is the project page for New Packet Radio (NPR) by french HAM F4HDK, using a new, open-source protocol over 430Mhz at 500kbps effective. My interest is in "slow internet" after the social collapse to support communication and culture at a human pace. Earlier I posted here on Pinboard a source for the finished kit, and I'll add another source for the kit and an IEEE Spectrum article.
packet  packetradio  ham  amateurradio  44net  radio  npr  newpacketradio  slowinternet  hamradio 
october 2019 by sbw
Packet hosting
Bare metal server provider with APIs to make it easy to run your own Kubernetes cluster, etc. Experience from the ntppool
packet  hosting  computers  kubernetes  tootme  ntp  ntppool 
september 2019 by nelson

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