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MakeGrowLab | SCOBY packaging
00 % Home Compostable
SCOBY packaging

Sustainable solution to turn bio-waste into home compostable packaging.
polonia  eco  sustentabilidade  produto  packaging 
16 hours ago by laisk
jCenter is the new default repository used with Android's gradle plugin, I haven... | Hacker News
I am a developer Advocate with JFrog, the company behind Bintray.

So, jcenter is a Java repository in Bintray (, which is the largest repo in the world for Java and Android OSS libraries, packages and components. All the content is served over a CDN, with a secure https connection. JCenter is the default repository in Groovy Grape
(, built-in in Gradle (the jcenter() repository) and very easy to configure in every other build tool (maybe except Maven) and will become even easer very soon.

Bintray has a different approach to package identification than the legacy Maven Central. We don't rely on self-issued key-pairs (which can be generated to represent anyone, actually and never verified in Maven Central). Instead, similar to GitHub, Bintray gives a strong personal identity to any contributed library.

If you really need to get your package to Maven Central (for supporting legacy tools) you can do it from Bintray as well, in a click of a button or even automatically.
jars  maven  gradle  java  bintray  via:lemire  packaging  distribution 
17 hours ago by jm
Specialty Bottle - Wholesale Glass Bottles, Jars, Metal Tins and Plastic Containers
Good selection of jars and bottles at good prices--at least, if you order enough. So far, my source for small honey jars. What adds even more appeal to sending them money is EFF's report that they're involved in a legal dust-up with a patent troll.
shopping  packaging  glass  container  jar  bottle 
23 hours ago by JJLDickinson
[Solved] UnrealFrontend.exe doesn't cook or package content - Epic Games Forums
Non-development related discussion about the Unreal Development Kit free game development software, video game design, and the game development tools that come with the UDK. Specific development questions should be posted in the development forums.
udk  ue3  packaging  cooking  ini  config 
yesterday by sbseltzer
Amcor | How packaging innovation is saving lives in Zambia
Find out how Amcor's partnership with UK charity, ColaLife, is helping to save lives with revolutionary packaging innovation.
ColaLife  Amcor  Packaging  "Kit  Yamoyo" 
5 days ago by 51m0n
Flatpak—the future of application distribution
The Future Of Apps On Linux
Flatpak is a next-generation technology for building and distributing desktop applications on Linux
software  format  package  linux  packaging 
7 days ago by RBarnard

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