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NuGet Package Version Conventions · GitHub
A common pattern for NuGet package versions is producing two sets of .nupkgs for every CI build. That is two sets of functionally equivalent packages produced from the same source. Two sets are:

1. CI packages: a NuGet package version that is suffixed with a build number. This allows bleeding edge consumption of the latest APIs or fixes. These packages are typically pushed to a development package feed like VSTS or MyGet. Example version numbers: `4.0.0-rc-2046`, `3.5.0-rtm-1996`, `3.5.0-beta2-1543`

2. Release packages: a NuGet package that has no build number in the version but may still have a prerelease label. This package is intended for official release to or to customers. Example version numbers: `4.0.0-rc`, `3.5.0`, `3.5.0-beta2`

These two sets of packages should be produced by two separate invocations of `nuget.exe pack` or `dotnet pack`. At first glance, it is tempting to produce one set of packages based on the other by simply copying the .nupkg and editing the contained .nuspec. This manual approach should be discouraged as it promotes error-prone munging of NuGet's implementation details and likely breaks the upcoming package signing feature. The `pack` command should be the master of producing .nupkgs.

Finally, it is convenient to produce a set of release-ready packages every time a build runs to minimize the number of infrequently excerised release processes. Any build that passes the necessary quality checks should be able to be shipped by simple selecting the associated set of release packages.
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