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My essential django package list
"A list of Django packages (add-ons) that I use in most of my projects. I am using Django for more than 5 years as my day to day work tool to develop applications for the public sector organization I work for."
django  programming  python  packages  libraries  tools 
2 days ago by robknight
My essential django package list — /var/
Some handy ideas for things that are already done in Django
django  packages  lists 
5 days ago by tclancy
Load US Census boundary and attribute data as 'tidyverse' and 'sf'-ready data frames in R
r  packages  census  textbook 
11 days ago by jerid.francom
JitPack | Publish JVM and Android libraries
JitPack makes it easy to release your Java or Android library. Publish straight from GitHub or Bitbucket.
jvm  java  packages  maven 
12 days ago by clehene
R package interface to query open access journals, such as PLOS.
r  textbook  language  api  packages 
12 days ago by jerid.francom

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