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Collecting P2P/DWeb Use Cases · Issue #22 · ipfs-shipyard/arewedistributedyet
Summary This is a meta-thread collecting use cases for adding P2P and DWeb technology to web browsers. Feel free to refer to this issue when discussing interesting use case or just add link and/or citation in comments below. Motivation B...
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yesterday by orlin
How peer-to-peer lending turned middle-class Chinese dreamers into angry protesters
Lack of transparency regarding how the platforms were using pooled money for loans made it hard for investors to judge what was happening—and the controlled nature of China’s internet may also have played a role.

“Because of the Great Firewall there is just less information—that’s not just a judgement, that’s a fact.”
“The average Chinese citizen is operating without complete information and that fuels a lot of what we see as very risky behavior,”

Protesters in China are taking enormous risks, such as facing detention, and constant scrutiny in the future—even if they don’t manage to hold their protest. WeChat and other chat app groups formed by investors were identified and blocked, and participants were barred from purchasing air and train tickets. Yet accounts from multiple news reports and social media suggest thousands may have managed to make it to Beijing.
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2 days ago by davesurgan
Are we distributed yet?
Let's make peer-to-peer a first-class part of the web.
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4 days ago by orlin
experimental p2p community
chat platform
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4 days ago by masukomi
This Machine Eats Monotheistic Meta Memes – Richard D. Bartlett – Medium
RT : new post about social network that's gunna eat the internet over the next couple years
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4 days ago by jimpick
Archive.org Has Created a Decentralized or Dweb Version of Their Site
The Internet Archive, or Archive.org, is a non-profit organization that stores snapshots of web pages and other media so that you can view them at different states in time even if they have been deleted or been changed.  Even though sites like Archive.org exist and content posted on the Internet is typically there forever, lawsuits, censorship, DDOS attacks, and Internet outages could cause content to be removed or become inaccessible.
For these reasons, Archive.org is testing a decentralized version, or DWeb version, of their web site that allows their content to be delivered over peer-to-peer connections with different hosts sharing portions of or the same content. This decentralized version of Archive.org is running on the domain ªªhttps://dweb.me/ or https://dweb.archive.org/ andºº uses a combination of HTTP and peer-to-peer protocols such as yjs, IPFS, WebTorrent, and GUN to deliver the content.
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7 days ago by rgl7194

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