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Why Bringing High-Tech Manufacturing Back To The U.S. Is So Difficult - Forbes
In 1993, I was in my second year of business school at the MIT Sloan School of Management and I distinctly remember a spirited discussion about a BusinessWeek cover article titled “The Virtual Corporation.
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Troubled government contractor Interserve agrees rescue deal | Business | The Guardian
Company, which has 45,000 employees in UK, hopes to avoid Carillion-style collapse
Shares in Interserve closed down 1.8% at just under 13p. The company was worth as much as £1bn in 2014, but is now worth a little over £20m.
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Sole outsource bidders win more public sector contracts | Financial Times
Government outsourcing has become markedly less competitive over the past three years, with close to one quarter of public sector contracts, ranging from security to welfare services, awarded to sole bidders in 2018.
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That Virus Alert on Your Computer? Scammers in India May Be Behind It - The New York Times
ou know the messages. They pop up on your computer screen with ominous warnings like, “Your computer has been infected with a virus. Call our toll-free number immediately for help.”

Often they look like alerts from Microsoft, Apple or Symantec. Sometimes the warning comes in a phone call.

Most people ignore these entreaties, which are invariably scams. But one in five recipients actually talks to the fake tech-support centers, and 6 percent ultimately pay the operators to “fix” the nonexistent problem, according to recent consumer surveys by Microsoft.

Law enforcement authorities, working with Microsoft, have now traced many of these boiler rooms to New Delhi, India’s capital and a hub of the global call-center industry. On Tuesday and Wednesday, police from two Delhi suburbs raided 16 fake tech-support centers and arrested about three dozen people. Last month, the Delhi authorities arrested 24 people in similar raids on 10 call centers.
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