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“XLR8R Influences Podcast 01: Rod Modell (a.k.a. DeepChord)” by XLR8R
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yesterday by sumit
What is the Best Way to Achieve Good Colon Health?
Read on to learn about this amazing plant that is rich in vitamins,
minerals  &  other  nutrients  that  promotes  good  colon  health. 
7 days ago by luv2sex.info
AirPods Gen 2 Review: 3 Things Every Other Review Missed
Yes, the AirPods, now in its second generation. You already know about the improved features. New H1 chip with Bluetooth 5.0, better connectivity and better battery performance. New Wireless Charging Case without any AirPower charging mat to go with it. Perpetual “Hey, Siri” assistant trigger. I’ve used and loved the original AirPods. Despite the initial...

The post AirPods Gen 2 Review: 3 Things Every Other Review Missed appeared first on .
AirPods  Gen  2  Review:  3  Things  Every  Other  Review  Missed 
18 days ago by vrzone
🏅App of the Week🏅 Meet V for Wikipedia: Fancy Reading For Your Mobile Device
V for Wikipedia
Encyclopedia and travel guide
V for Wikipedia (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/v-for-wikipedia/id993435362?mt=8) is an informational reading app that takes Wikipedia to a whole new level of entertainment and convenience.
For new reads, the app suggests
educational_  in-depth  articles  that  are  on  important  landmarks  near  your  location  or  are  popularly  read  by  other  users  around  the  world. 
6 weeks ago by matzner

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