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"Our powerful, free image processing software, which already delivers the best quality RAW file processing, has been updated and expanded with new features that work seamlessly with all Hasselblad cameras.

The graphical user interface offers a clean and uncluttered workflow, making it easier for users to find their way around more quickly and simpler than before. The flatter design helps you concentrate on the job at hand and makes for simpler navigation. We’ve also added some new tools to enable finer control of the editing process and ensure the very highest quality output from your files."

Phocus can now scan your images and automatically detect moiré interference patterns. You can choose to correct the interference globally or locally via the brush tool.

The Local Adjustment Tools allow the user to apply exposure, white balance, colour and moiré corrections via either a radial or linear gradient, and for those finer corrections, a brush tool – which are all added via adjustment layers.

Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) enables you to produce outstanding and reliable colours so that skin tones, specific product colours, and difficult gradations reproduce beautifully every time, straight out of the box.

The Keystone Tool enables you to perform high quality perspective corrections directly in Phocus. This can be done both via a simple guideline interface or manual slider adjustments. Additionally, the dual-axis correction capability is extremely useful when copying flat artwork.

Highlight recovery is a part of the palette of local adjustment tools, allowing for quick and precise correction without the need for manual masking.

Margin and background color options can be configured for the viewer. This can be done separately for both the normal and a newly added proof mode.

Hasselblad’s modern lens design has been optimised for digital perfection, including full automatic correction of colour aberration, distortion and light fall off. Phocus makes use of its detailed knowledge of the lens design and calculates the optical corrections for every shot at the given distance and aperture setting, providing perfect images, and an ideal basis for optimal image rendering and further processing. Hasselblad digital lens correction technology works automatically with all Hasselblad H System lenses, even with tilt/shift movements and with all Carl Zeiss lenses from the classic V System, using manual settings."
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8 hours ago by robertogreco
Hide All Desktop Icons in Mac OS X
If you decide you have too many icons on the desktop and maintaining the desktop is just too much to deal with, you can actually toggle a secret setting in Mac OS X to turn off the desktop icons completely, thereby preventing them from being displayed at all.
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10 hours ago by chriswubbels
Best Email App for Mac: Airmail — The Sweet Setup
The Best email app for Mac is Airmail. It is well designed, lightning-fast, and can fit in to your existing workflows with other popular apps.
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16 hours ago by jheady
‎ToothFairy on the Mac App Store
Connect AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress.
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17 hours ago by tmarkiewicz
A community site for the development of the TextBundle standard
The TextBundle file format aims to provide a more seamless user experience when exchanging plain text files, like Markdown or Fountain, between sandboxed applications.
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