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Reference Management with Org-mode
While I was a PIM researcher at Graz University of Technology, I was using Emacs Org-mode for managing references to white papers and books.

My starting point was this description of a workflow. I added many features to the workflow and described it on GitHub.

John Kitchin from Carnegie Mellon University (blog, Twitter, GitHub) is an awesome Org-mode user and contributor. Every workflow he has implemented with Org-mode is a great source of inspiration for many similar workflows I use. If you're into teaching or doing research, you definitely have to follow his work!

So John has implemented reference management with Org-mode as well: org-ref got a major update these days. Because of his latest update, I write this blog post to explain my method, his method, and compare the approaches. This should give you a good starting point on your decision how you are going to use Org-mode for your reference management workflow.
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yesterday by kmt
Logging Money in org-mode - randomgeekery
Blogpost seems to be about using org-mode's headlines
as transactions.

That probably suits for a poor man's journal,
but I like the idea in terms of aiming for "convenient way to log money"
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4 days ago by rgoulter

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