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Permanent daylight saving time passes state Senate 46-2; here’s what’s next | The Seattle Times
A bill that would put Washington state on year-round daylight saving time passed the state Senate on Tuesday by an overwhelming 46-2 vote.

House approved, Senate amended, back to the House for a final vote before going to governor

require federal approval. California last year - permanent daylight time, and Oregon -passed a similar proposal. West Coast should be unified in its timekeeping.

This is the first time this state has considered adopting permanent daylight time, which we are on from March to November. Previous proposals had focused on the adoption of permanent standard time, which proved unpopular.
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How the geography of climate damage could make the politics less polarizing
Northern UW states including PNW, Maine will likely benefit economically from climate change.
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The Source for Arts Events| Find Things to Do | Oregon Coast Arts
OCCA promotes and provides high-caliber arts experiences on the Oregon coast.
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