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An Official Welcome - The New York Times [California Today]
"I’m a California native — born at U.C.L.A. Medical Center. But when I was 2, my dad got a good job in Kansas City, so my parents packed up and left the place where they grew up for the Midwest.

Now, I understand it for the smart career move that it was. For the 10 years we lived outside the Golden State, though, I only ever wanted to go back.

Whenever we’d fly into LAX to visit my grandparents and my cousins, it felt like coming home for reasons I couldn’t really articulate.

Part of it was that in Kansas, I never quite forgot that I looked different from my tawny-headed classmates, who sometimes asked if I was Chinese. That was hurtful only because it underscored that I’d never be like them at an age when I just wanted to fit in.

My mom is Japanese-American and my dad is of Russian Jewish descent. And in California, I felt like I could be just another face in the crowd — whether we were at an udon restaurant with my mom’s parents in Gardena or the West Hollywood comedy club where my paternal grandmother worked.

I share this because it captures the peculiar magic of California for me.

[image: "Out on one of my favorite assignments: Squid fishing off the Orange County coast in 2013. [photo by] Don Leach"]

We eventually moved back, to the Mission Viejo area. Then I went to college at U.C. Berkeley and worked in Bakersfield, Orange County and Los Angeles as a reporter. During that time, I learned California is a place that’s impossible to explain, to encapsulate in any one way.

But it’s a place where almost anyone can feel at home.

And that’s what I want California Today to help you feel. I want you to look forward to opening the newsletter every morning, knowing that you’ll start the day understanding your state a little better, even if it’s boundless.

To achieve this, we’ll be rethinking the newsletter from greeting to kicker. You’ll notice us trying different formats and features."
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december 2018 by robertogreco
Hey students — classes may be cancelled; more time to vote on . Important notice for
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november 2018 by andriak
In , polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Election Day (TUESDAY). Find your polling place…
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Cropped and enhanced image of the Space debris breaking up over the western sky viewed from
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the LAB Anti-Mall
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"Not everyone knows this, but The LAB stands for “Little American Business” and that’s exactly who we are and what we strive to support.

The LAB began its journey to combat retail monotony when it was recycled from a night-vision goggle factory, more than 25 years ago!

In the midst of Orange County’s suburbia, we recognized a need for an original, indoor-outdoor unconventional hang-out packed with a wide array of cafes, restaurants and retail that embraced a vibrant community of lovers in art, music, fashion and hip cuisine.

You'll find us located about a half a mile south of the 405 Freeway on Bristol Street in Costa Mesa, California. A quick look at our website will give you the inside scoop on happenings and special events including live music, maker markets and artist installations.

Welcome to The LAB."

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september 2018 by robertogreco
Laguna Beach gallery showcases art of Dr. Seuss
A reproduction of “The Yawning Cat,” which debuted in 1967, is among the works for sale at the Narrative Gallery’s Dr. Seuss exhibition. (Courtesy of "The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection")
LagunaBeach  Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  vacation 
august 2018 by ahasteve
Pickleball fans could see more areas to play the sport in Huntington Beach
Four players compete in the Surf City Pickleball Tournament at Murdy Park in 2016. (File Photo)
Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  OrangeCounty  HuntingtonBeach 
august 2018 by ahasteve
Lido Theater’s 80th-anniversary celebration raises $150,000 for Lupus International
The Lido Theater in Newport Beach presented an 80th-anniversary celebration Thursday, including an outdoor reception and a screening of the Bette Davis film “Jezebel,” the first movie that played at the theater when it opened in 1938. (Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)
Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  Vacation  NewportBeach 
august 2018 by ahasteve
Biz News: Iconic Crab Cooker in Newport to close Sept. 2 for rebuilding
The Crab Cooker, which has been at 2200 Newport Blvd. in Newport Beach since 1951, will be closed for about a year starting Sept. 2 while it is rebuilt on the same site. (File Photo)
NewportBeach  Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  Vacation 
august 2018 by ahasteve
FEMA agrees to cut Newport flood zone by more than half, saving property owners millions in insurance costs
The Balboa Island flood zone according to FEMA, as tentatively mapped in 2016, left, and 2018. Properties needing flood insurance are tinted blue. (Courtesy of city of Newport Beach)
NewportBeach  Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  Vacation 
august 2018 by ahasteve
Laguna Art Museum explores its past with ‘Art Colony’ exhibit
Charles Percy Austin's "La Buenaventura" is one of the works in the Laguna Art Museum's current exhibition, "Art Colony: The Laguna Beach Art Association, 1918-1935." The piece is on loan from the Bowers Museum. (Courtesy of Laguna Art Museum)
Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  LagunaBeach 
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