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CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst
“Murphy has told clients that a survey of 154 CIOs revealed negative spending intentions towards Oracle, with CNBC reporting that his note said just 2 per cent of respondents said Oracle was their most integral vendor for cloud computing. In contrast, 27 per cent chose Microsoft and 12 per cent opted for Oracle CTO Larry Ellison's cloudy nemesis Amazon. The analyst's note added that CIOs have told the analysts they are migrating off Big Red and onto Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon databases and PostgreSQL.”
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2 days ago by cote
Oracle tools for Python
This project contains a number of Python scripts that handle Oracle databases.
python  oracle  database  scripting  webdevelopment  t2systems  parking 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Oracle Memory Troubleshooting, Part 4: Drilling down into PGA memory usage with V$PROCESS_MEMORY_DETAIL | Tanel Poder's Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting Page
SQL> SELECT * FROM v$process_memory_detail ORDER BY pid, bytes DESC;
oracle  memory  troubleshoot 
4 days ago by some_hren
Oracle introduces new Internet Intelligence Map tracking Internet disruptions worldwide
Oracle's global research arm, Internet Intelligence, announced today the release of a new tool called the Internet Intelligence Map, a free tool that maps out things like "country-level connectivity statistics, transit shifts, and security threats that impact the performance of the global internet," mapping out potential Internet disruptions worldwide and categorized according to three tests (traceroute completion ratio, BGP routes, and DNS query rate). "Traffic shifts" highlight where Internet traffic is being rerouted as an additional indicator of possible disruption.

Dyn Research (the entity that preceded Internet Intelligence) explains the new tool in a blog post: "This free site will help to democratize Internet analysis by exposing some of our internal capabilities to the general public in a single tool...since major Internet outages (whether intentional or accidental) will be with us for the foreseeable future, we believe offering a self-serve capability for some of the insights we produce is a great way to move towards a healthier and more accountable Internet...The website has two sections: Country Statistics and Traffic Shifts. The Country Statistics section reports any potential Internet disruptions seen during the previous 48 hours. Disruption severity is based on three primary measures of Internet connectivity in that country: BGP routes, traceroutes to responding hosts and DNS queries hitting our servers from that country...We can try to further understand the recent blackouts by analyzing Traffic Shifts...are simply changes — good, bad or neutral — in how traffic is being routed through the Internet. On any given day, there are hundreds of such shifts as ISPs change transit providers or re-engineer their networks. The tool enumerates the top one hundred shifts in the previous 48-hour period and allows our users to explore a macro-level connectivity picture for any given [autonomous system]."
otf  oracle  disruption  shutdown  measurement  tool  dyn 
4 days ago by dmcdev
How To Set Password Policies In Linux
- DEB based systems

- RPM based systems
++ In RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux 7.x

++ In RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux 6.x
oracle  linux  config  admin  password  policy 
7 days ago by iteruel
Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism - by @lcecere #scm
"Today, we find ourselves in a hype cycle. Instead of pushing innovation forward, I see companies using the term “digital” as a path for IT spending. It becomes a means to finish projects. The focus is on digitization—automating today’s processes—versus rethinking process excellence based on the art of the possible."
market-driven  value  chains  metrics  that  matter  new  technologies  apparel  chemical  digital  transformation  incrementality  jda  oracle  sap 
7 days ago by jonerp
Massive Delete | Oracle Scratchpad
The question of how to delete 25 million rows from a table of one billion came up on the ODC database forum recently. With changes in the numbers of rows involved it’s a question that keeps coming back and I wrote a short series for AllthingsOracle a couple of years ago that discusses the issue. This is note is just a catalogue of links to the articles:

Part 1: Strategic and Tactical thinking
Part 2: Analysing the impact on the data patterns
Part 3: Undo, redo, concurrency and time costs
Part 4: Threats that appear in real systems
oracle  performance  linklist 
10 days ago by some_hren
How to Run a Bulk INSERT .. RETURNING Statement With Oracle and JDBC – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
When inserting records into SQL databases, we often want to fetch back generated IDs and possibly other trigger, sequence, or default generated values. Let's assume we have the following table: DB2 DB2 is the only database currently supported by jOOQ, which implements the SQL standard according to which we can SELECT from any INSERT statement,…
insert  return  value  sql  howto  oracle  postgresql  db2 
11 days ago by gilberto5757
akardapolov/ASH-Viewer: ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active session history data within the Oracle instance (versions supported: 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c)
Active Session History (ASH) is a view in Oracle that maps a circular buffer in the SGA.
The name of the view is V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY. This view is populated every second
and will only contain data for 'active' sessions, which are defined as sessions
waiting on a non-idle event or on a CPU.

ASH Viewer provides graphical Top Activity, similar Top Activity analysis and Drilldown
of Oracle Enterprise Manager performance page. ASH Viewer store ASH data locally using
embedded database Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition. The default capture rate is one snapshot
every 30 seconds. ASH Viewer support 10g, 11g version of Oracle DB. Use SYSTEM database user
to connect to Oracle DB. Please note that v$active_session_history is a part of the Oracle Diagnostic Pack
and requires a purchase of the ODP license.
oracle  monitoring 
11 days ago by some_hren

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