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Clear and/or Unclear : Word Count : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
(This is a pretty good write-up from Jonathon Owen on and/or—)
“On the surface, and/or seems like a helpful but mostly harmless little phrase — a little ugly, perhaps, but still useful for those times when you want to be extra clear about what all the options are. Most people associate the phrase with legal writing, but it turns out that a surprising number of lawyers and judges hate it, claiming that it’s actually unclear and thus impossible to interpret.”
andor  and  or  visualthesaurus  language  canonical  2015  arrantpedantry 
13 days ago by handcoding
Days of the week - Thing suggestion and ideas - Stringify | Forums
(On setting up multiple “when” triggers in an “or” arrangement in Stringify:)
“Thanks for this request - selecting days is something we can look into. In the mean time, you can accomplish what you want by doing an ‘OR’ - dragging several date & time trigger things into the same action (without going through a yellow ‘quicklink’ since a quicklink indicates an ‘AND’).

“So… You could have one date&time trigger set up for monday 6am, another Tuesday 6am, another Wednesday 5:30, another Thursday 5:30, another Friday 5:30.”
stringify  or  when  2018 
19 days ago by handcoding

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