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Zero-Index Platforms: Where Light Defies Geometry | Optics & Photonics News
Geometry-invariant effects in structures with near-zero permittivity or permeability could lead to deformable optical devices, and to new insights into unique light-matter interactions.
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8 days ago by euler
A Conversation with Nader Engheta | Optics & Photonics News
One intriguing line of research you mentioned in your talk was analog information processing—“letting metamaterials do the math.” You and your team have designed materials that can even, through interaction with a light field, solve complex, nonseparable integral equations.
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8 days ago by euler
Why Choose Fiber Optic Network Cables?
Many network cables are copper—it’s inexpensive and an industry mainstay. But in many cases, fiber optic cables could be a better option despite a slightly higher price point.
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22 days ago by Adventure_Web
digital | visual | cultural | visual/method/culture
New project from Gillian Rose and Sterling Mackinnon.

"That notion of visual culture as the visuality that dominates a particular place and time, structuring how it sees both itself and others, should always therefore be contextualised. In part this can be achieved by focussing on specific ‘ways of seeing’. John Berger’s elaboration of a ‘way of seeing’ points to the power dynamics embedded in specific forms of vision. It especially asks us to interrogate who is seeing what, where, and with what effects. Gillian Rose has argued that these questions must be at the heart of any critical visual methodology. And they have been elaborated by a range of critical scholars, not least among them Donna Haraway in her account of the ‘god trick’ of seeing everything from nowhere.

This moment of the profound digital mediation of images and ways of seeing thus gives rise to a range of pressing questions: What sorts of viewers are co-constituted with these complex re-formations of social relations and digital visualising technologies? How are all-too-familiar visions of class, race, gender and sexuality being reaffirmed? What new forms of human life (now perhaps better described as posthuman) are emerging? What does pleasure, fun and play look like? What forms of digital nonhuman life are also seeing, doing and being? What now might be an oppositional gaze, to use bell hooks’s term, and what does it see? And what critical theoretical tools are needed to proffer answers?"
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24 days ago by oddhack
EFCS and Bokeh — a7RII with Sony 90/2.8 macro
There are some exposure variations at higher speeds. We expect this. The bokeh differences appear to be minimal to me. However, in theory, there should be bokeh effects of EFCS at high speeds, since the electronic first curtain is in a different plane than the mechanical first and second curtains. Thus, depending on the characteristics of the lens the subject distance, the f-stop, and the place where you look in the image, we should see some differences. They don’t appear to be important here — the exposure variation is more noticeable — but they probably would be at higher shutter speeds.
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5 weeks ago by mikael

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