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[1702.04199] The problem of camouflaging via mirror reflections
This work is related to billiards and their applications in geometric optics. It is known that perfectly invisible bodies with mirror surface do not exist. It is natural to search for bodies that are, in a sense, close to invisible. We introduce a {\it visibility index} of a body measuring the mean angle of deviation of incident light rays, and derive a lower estimate to this index. This estimate is a function of the body's volume and of the minimal radius of a ball containing the body. This result is far from being final and opens a possibility for further research.
billiards  optics  optimization  geometry  inverse-problems  rather-interesting  approximation  to-write-about  nudge-targets  consider:looking-to-see 
17 days ago by Vaguery
[1903.04601] Reconfigurable integrated waveguide meshes for photonic signal processing and emerging applications
We review the recent advances reported in the field of integrated photonic waveguide meshes, both from the theoretical as well as from the experimental point of view. We show how these devices can be programmed to implement both traditional signal processing structures, such as finite and infinite impulse response filters, delay lines, beamforming networks as well as more advanced linear matrix optics functionalities. Experimental results reported both in Silicon and Silicon Nitride material platforms will be presented. We will also discuss the main programming algorithms to implement these structures and discuss their applications either as standalone systems or as part of more elaborated subsystems in microwave photonics, quantum information and machine learning
optics  wait-what?  metamaterials  quantums  rather-interesting  to-understand  indistinguishable-from-magic 
21 days ago by Vaguery
Atmospheric Optics
Lots of pictures of example phenomena.
astronomy  atmosphere  light  optics 
28 days ago by mpcasey
Self-Guided Beamed Propulsion for Breakthrough Interstellar Missions | NASA
the neutral particle beam system is kinda interesting, laser doppler cooled supersonic alkali vapor jet
neutral  particle  beam  projector  alkali  vapor  jet  supersonic  laser  space  propulsion  research  technology  NIAC  physics  optics 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
SSI Optics - Spectrum Scientific, Inc. - Holographic Diffraction Gratings, OEM Spectrographs and Replicated Optics
Spectrum Scientific is a manufacturer of holographic diffraction gratings (plane and aberration corrected concave gratings - blazed and sinusoidal), OEM spectrograph modules and replicated optics (plane, spherical and aspheric mirrors).
optics  grating 
5 weeks ago by dbuscher
Binocular Advisor
Best Binocular Reviews and Ratings for real outdoor adventures such as hiking, hunting, birding, stargazing and many more.
astronomy  ornithology  optics  binoculars  review  guide 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog

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