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Researchers have discovered how Leonardo Da Vinci was able to create masterpieces
Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci may have had an eye condition that gave him an unusual ability to recreate three-dimensional shapes in his sculptures and paintings, a study has found. With this condition known as strabismus, a person's eyes appear to be pointing in different directions, with only one eye being used to process the visual scene at any one time.This allowed Da Vinci to switch between using two eyes (stereoscopic vision) to give him depth perception, and using just one eye (monocular vision) when he wanted to interpret a three-dimensional image on a flat, two-dimensional canvas.
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Pupillary light reflex - Wikipedia
Play media The W-shaped pupil of the cuttlefish dilating when the lights are turned off. The pupillary light reflex ( PLR ) or photopupillary reflex is a reflex…
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Delights for : Diagram of , their layers, and optical nerves from a 17th century miscel…
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You want to know something about how bullshit insane our brains are?
thread on Saccadic masking

You want to know something about how bullshit insane our brains are? OK, so there's a physical problem with our eyes: We move them in short fast bursts called "saccades", right? very quick, synchronized movements. The only problem is: they go all blurry and useless during this
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This is a public database for benchmarking optic nerve head segmentation from digital retinal images. The research community is invited to test their algorithms on this database, compare and share the results with other researchers through this web site. For more information refer to the documentation.
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The Ins and Outs of Corneal Wound Healing
The basement membrane plays an important role in cellular functions, including those involved in healing, by controlling the binding of growth factors and their local concentrations between cell layers. The basement membrane of the basal cells attaches via hemidesmosomes to the underlying Bowman’s layer, while anchoring fibrils pass through the hemidesmosomes to the Bowman’s layer and down into the underlying stroma, where they attach to anchoring plaques of the extracellular matrix, forming an anchoring complex.7
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Atlas of Ophthalmology
Like radiopaedia for scans and retinal images.
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RT : I have a free webinar for colleagues to build online reputation with social media pearls included.…
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Space Could Leave You Blind, And Scientists Say They've Finally Figured Out Why
20/20 to 20/100 in 6 months.

The one big difference between the two was that the long-duration astronauts had significantly more cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in their brains than the short-trip astronauts, and the researchers say this - not vascular fluid - is the cause of the vision loss.

Under normal circumstances, CSF is important for cushioning the brain and spinal cord, while also distributing nutrients around the body and helping to remove waste.

It can easily adjust to changes in pressure that our bodies experience when transitioning from lying down to sitting or standing, but in the constant microgravity of space, it starts to falter.

"On earth, the CSF system is built to accommodate these pressure changes, but in space the system is confused by the lack of the posture-related pressure changes," says one of the team, Noam Alperin.

Based on the high-resolution orbit and brain MRI scans taken of their 16 astronauts, the team found that the long-duration astronauts had far higher orbital CSF volume - CSF pooling around the optic nerves in the part of the skull that holds the eye.

They also had significantly higher ventricular CSF volume, which means they had more CSF accumulating in the cavities of the brain where the fluid is produced.
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