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BCR Operations Manual
Operations manual for the business
bcr  manual  operations  admin 
yesterday by leehopkins
"Incident insights from NASA, NTSB, and the CDC" by Emil Stolarsky - YouTube
Good talk about lessons on preparing, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from disasters.
presentation  engineering  operations 
6 days ago by look
etsy/DebriefingFacilitationGuide: Leading Groups at Etsy to Learn From Accidents
Leading Groups at Etsy to Learn From Accidents. Contribute to etsy/DebriefingFacilitationGuide development by creating an account on GitHub.
guide  devops  operations  debriefing  etsy  postmortem  created-by:ifttt  debrief  facilitation  github-starred 
8 days ago by atran
Contribute to bitcoinops/btc-dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub.
bitcoin  operations  dashboard  golang 
8 days ago by orlin
How teams can outperform using the Startup Ops Pyramid
As a Product Owner and GM, I’ve lead several teams over my career in launching digital businesses. The greatest challenge has always been unifying any multi-disciplinary team on a single set of goals. This time in this most recent startup incubation, we did this well. In preparing our transition of our digital wallet business to the permanent corporate newco, and reflecting on what has made our startup team successful, I’ve had the opportunity to codify the operating model we employed to make this possible. In hindsight it’s fairly straightforward and obvious, a mélange of existing methodologies and non-unique principles made well known by others. Brought together it became a powerful aide to our team approach. I call it the Startup Ops Pyramid — a practical designation for a practical model. You be the judge.
startups  operations  teams  management  objectives 
14 days ago by dlkinney
Literate DevOps
Interesting article on "Literate DevOps" using Emacs Org-mode, Babel and TRAMP.
emacs  org-mode  sysadmin  operations  literate  devops 
15 days ago by sometimesfood
I Miss Staging — Postlight — Digital product studio
"This is how we used to develop in the last decade, hitting reload on different browsers on different operating systems and adding special cases to our code until everything looked and worked okay. Eventually a consistent platform emerged." Yup. Yet another downside of the future-is-services: it's also a mess, and everyone just seems to be _coping_ rather than offering alternatives.
operations  publishing  saas  technology  onestepforward  hosting 
15 days ago by infovore
Protecting infrastructure secrets with Keywhiz – Square Corner Blog – Medium
At Square, our number one priority is security. We needed something to protect secrets, especially as their number increased with our adoption of a service-orientedmicroservice architecture. Although…
keywhiz  intro  server  tool  secrets  passwords  keys  management  security  operations  devops  filesystem  memory  encryption 
17 days ago by orlin

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