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the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming – The Composition

Downhill Invention, Uphill Analysis

This is counterintuitive: it’s easier to build a system from scratch, constructing the mental model as you go along, than to form an understanding of how an already-built system works.

Valentino Braitenberg illustrates this principle in his book Vehicles. He calls it the Principle of Downhill Invention, Uphill Analysis.

Why are there a thousand JavaScript frameworks out there? because it’s easier to build your own than to gain an understanding of React. Even with hundreds of people contributing to documentation, it’s still more mental effort to form a mental model of an existing system than to construct your own. (I didn’t say it was faster, but less cognitively strenuous.)

Not Invented Here syndrome? laziness. Greenfield development? Of course people like it! it’s much easier than getting your head around legacy code.
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kanishka-linux/reminiscence: Self-Hosted Bookmark And Archive Manager
Self-Hosted Bookmark And Archive Manager. Contribute to kanishka-linux/reminiscence development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Chatting with teams and people about how we can better support their work is so motivating. I guess I'm…
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Gmvault: gmail backup
Gmail-only free email backup software - 2018-12-11
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Turtl: The secure, collaborative notebook | Turtl
The safe way to remember everything. Take all your important data with you.
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jarun/nnn: The fastest terminal file manager ever written.
:dolphin: The fastest terminal file manager ever written. - jarun/nnn
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