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Complete Guide Connect Google Home (Ok Google) To OpenHAB 2: Official OpenHAB Action
Youtube video by Matt for MK-Smarthouse explaining how to connect the Google assistant to OpenHAB devices.
OpenHAB  Google  GoogleAssistant  VoiceControl  Voice  tutorial  howto 
2 days ago by searchmeister
OpenMQTTGateway: multiplatform bridge between MQTT and
OpenMQTTGateway act as a WIFI or Ethernet gateway between your 433mhz/315mhz/Infrared/BLE/GSM/GPRS devices and a MQTT broker.
The MQTT broker can be connected to your favorite home automation controller (Home Assistant, Openhab, Domoticz) or NodeRED, as long as it supports MQTT, the system can talk to the gateway and by the way your different devices on both directions.
mqtt  openhab  embedded  raspberrypi  homeautomation  wireless  opensource  arduino 
august 2018 by cyberchucktx

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