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BSDCan2018: Vagrant for OpenBSD: make installations by the busloads easy
This talk presents the efforts and results of porting Vagrant to OpenBSD by writing a plugin that uses vmd(8) as a 'provider' to create and manage OpenBSD VMs and to properly detect OpenBSD as a host system and expose the needed capabilities, most notably NFS to exchange data between host and guest.
openbsd  vagrant  virtual-machine  vmd  vm 
2 days ago by mwishek
vedetta-com/caesonia: OpenBSD Email Service
OpenBSD Email Service
a free-email alternative
Root your Inbox 📬
email  openbsd  server 
5 days ago by mwishek
OpenBSD router on apu2c4
This guide describes how to install and configure a router running OpenBSD on an apu2c4 board.
openbsd  router  SBC  networking 
8 days ago by mwishek
Netzbasis - VMD Winning
Debian on OpenBSD vmd (without qemu or another debian system)
openbsd  vmd  debian  howto 
15 days ago by willyh

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