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Good data from and show that "the funding agency is a stronger driver of than is t…
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2 days ago by sdp
You are deep into ? Already thought about without ? Know what I mean? We might have a job for yo…
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4 days ago by ckatzenbach
Check it out! An book on : "Open Access and the Library"
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5 days ago by aarontay
With the arrival of we need to let you fans know about the chapter ‘I AM YOUR KING’: Authority i…
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6 days ago by verwinv
RT : He enredado a para una conversación . Casi dos horas hablando de eSports, comunidades o…
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8 days ago by deckard67
Unlike many journals, does not charge any author fees ("APCs"). This does not mean that we…
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10 days ago by ninthart
Punctum Books is thrilled to announce that our entire e-catalog of titles is now housed with…
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10 days ago by rdmond
Wow, great article by President Janet Napolitano on ! "All research that is publicly fun…
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11 days ago by rebeccarobbins
Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL)
a digital library for theology, religious studies, and related disciplines
openaccess  theology  religion 
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