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idekerlab/ddot: Toolkit for constructing, analyzing, and visualizing data-driven ontologies
Toolkit for constructing, analyzing, and visualizing data-driven ontologies - idekerlab/ddot
ontology  python 
4 days ago by skchrko
Call for papers | Open Data and Ontologies for Cultural Heritage
Prospective authors are invited to submit papers in any of the topics of the workshop. The results described must be unpublished and must not be under review elsewhere. Only papers in English will be accepted. Manuscripts must comply with the CEUR formatting rules. via Pocket
cfp  culture  italy  ontology 
13 days ago by kintopp
Component Metadata | CLARIN ERIC
Metadata for language resources and tools exists in a multitude of formats. Often these descriptions contain specialized information for a specific research community (e.g. TEI headers for text, IMDI for multimedia collections). via Pocket
infrastructure  metadata  ontology  resources  vocabularies 
14 days ago by kintopp
WebProtege - Protege Wiki
WebProtégé is a free, open source collaborative ontology development environment for the Web.
Stanford  ontology  editor  software  Semantic_Web 
17 days ago by junkie.dolphin
and the use of Contextual Mapping requires deliberate thought and planning but improves…
Ontology  UXDesign  from twitter
18 days ago by jhill5

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